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West Papuan independence, a matter of time!

Demands a referendum to continue voiced Papua. The reason is, there is news circulating in the community in Papua, if some countries have opened themselves to support a referendum in Papua.

Even SEBI Sambom, one piplar KNPB which has been the political prisoners for alleged treason claims of 199 UN member countries that are 101 of them are ready to provide support for the referendum in Papua, and Papua's fate will be devoting to the United Nations in 2011, it means the West Papuan freedom, from oppression by the Indonesian increasingly likely to occur.
It was strengthened in thousands of mass demonstrations in the Tomb Theys, Thursday. Yes, if some time ago the political aspirations of the Free Papua Movement frequently asked political leaders hardline west of Papua into the Indonesian government, either through legeslatif institutions and executives in local and central, but at this time may be said not.

Maybe society and political organizations that are always crystallized with independent aspirations addressed to the Government that there was never any clarity at all, so the current Indonesian government intervention was not expected in the handling of the Free Papua aspirations.

Not only that, the people of Papua through a team effort 100 to open a dialogue with the Government of Indonesia has never materialized so the community and political leaders prefer to resolve Papua Papua's political status through international channels. Indonesia Today