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Priority support for Jetpack Personal, our 2016 annual report, and a Photon case study Personal Plans Now Include Priority Support The new Jetpack Personal plan, introduced last month, bundles the two core services most site owners have told us they consider essential: automated backups and spam protection. We know that quick and reliable support can be just as important, however, so we've added it in. This simply means we’ll get to your request faster when something goes wrong with your site. If you're an existing customer, you will receive this added benefit automatically. Read the full announcement A Year in Review: The Automattic and Jetpack Annual Report As 2016 comes to a close and we look forward to 2017, we took some time to look back on the past twelve months across our company – Automattic – and all our products:, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and VIP. Scroll through our beautifully designed 2016 Annual Report and explore some cool stats about our services – like how many sites use our products, how many brute force attacks we've blocked, how many "Michaels" work at Automattic, and many more. See what we've done Case Study: Photon for Business In 2012, Jesse Friedman wasn't part of the Jetpack team yet – but as the director of web development for an agency in Rhode Island, he was already a happy Jetpack user. Here’s how he describes his experience using Photon (our free CDN) for the first time: Speed, security, and uptime were very important to our clients. At the time, their websites were powered by a third-party closed source CMS that had been experiencing a lot of downtime and abysmal load speeds. The new sites were to be hosted on a managed WordPress hosting solution, and initial tests showed a significant improvement in speed. I was considering a CDN, but I wasn’t sure whether the server and management costs would be worth it. Jetpack came with Photon, a free image CDN. But would it be enough? Read the full story Thanks for using Jetpack Jeremy — Happiness Engineer Automattic Inc.60 29th Street #343 San Francisco, CA Unsubscribe

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