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Diplomatic Option - Plus For West Papua

1971, West Papua was to be the second independent Melanesian State to be free after Fiji. Fiji was granted freedom by Britain in 1970.

PNG was the 3rd Melanesian state in the international system when it became free in 1975.

Law, Diplomacy, & WAR.

The story went terribly wrong for West Papua. UN Charters on Self Determination were corrupted by the UN itself. Ortiz Sans the Bolivian UN representative on the ground saw the sham AFC but kept quiet. And, the UN General Assembly ' noted' the referendum result with only 1022 people voting out of 700,000 indigenous Papuan population.

For all above 18 voting in the AFC, about 400,000 people were to vote for a political future:(1) part of Indonesia ; or, (2) independence.

The fraud of West Papua is still covered up today.

The UN pet project became a nightmare. What happened?

The New Zealand pilot kidnapping by the armed wing of OPM reminded the world of the 1969 midnight cry from West Papua.

The world refused to hear then. 

The New York Agreement of 1969 was a cover - up for a deal already reached between USA, Indonesia, and Netherlands to ' surgically remove' West Papua from the UN Non Self Governing Trust territories list.

West Papua was the subject of the deadlock between Indonesia and the Netherlands between 1945 and 1949. And, the AFC provision in the New York Agreement intimidated the Dutch. The failed decolonization of West Papua was masterminded by the US itself, mother of democracy.

The Dutch let go. 

 But, the legal doctrine of Uti Possidetis Juris was defined by the international community as favouring the Dutch. It recognised Indonesia's proclamation of independence in 1945 without West Papua.

West Papua was then prepared by the Dutch to  self determine a political future from 1949 until 1969. The New York Agreement disrupted the self government process . Then, Indonesia invaded West Papua. The argument was the legal doctrine of Uti Possidetis Juris.

The Dutch already won the legal argument in 1949. 

There are two pertinent points to be made:

(1) New York Agreement was such that it produced a faked result; and, 

(2) In the aftermath of the New York Agreement August 15, 1962, the handover of West Papua from the Netherlands through the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) was also a fake.

The UN presence on the ground in West Papua failed on two counts to deter Indonesia from completing its illegal claim to sovereignty over the Dutch colony.

It is now 61 years later. But, the blame or responsibility for the failed decolonization of West Papua still rests with the US, the Netherlands and the UN.

All three are to measure up to international law and reveal how history that was falsified by Indonesia in 1960s caused the genocide, ecocide, and ethnocide happening today in West Papua.

Papua Merdeka!

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