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The Shadow Minister for Police Johnson Wapunai has urged RPNGC Commissioner David Manning to seriously undertake barbaric crime in PNG and bring to justice those responsible.

Mr Wapunai made this call after numerous barbaric crime being committed in various parts of the country continued to be posted on social media outlets. There is no follow-ups or certainly if police are actively investigating or prosecuting those alleged to be involved in the barbaric crime.

Mr Wapunai said: "Just in the past week, an unverified video of three women being tortured and brutally assaulted by a pack of people somewhere in the Upper Highlands was circulated widely online.
Additionally, another video of a man being slashed, cut and hogtied, with men indicated on the video indicated that they must have burned the victim alive.

These barbaric acts against fellow human beings should be condemned and prosecuted to demonstrate that this country does not tolerate this obscene behaviour.

"Regardless of whatever nature of crime being committed, appropriate authorities should step in as soon as possible to establish law and order, and bring to justice those who are alleged to have committed the crime. Sad to emphasise that it is not happening this way in PNG.

"This country is currently over-taken by deadly cycles of manslaughter, rape, touture and barbaric acts, which has led to relatives, friends and families taking the matter in to their own hands for payback. The cycle continues to date because appropriate authorities do nothing but standby and look.

"I call on police commissioner to seriously address this law and order issues before it spiralled to next level.

Mr Wapunai also questioned the police hierarchies about the investigations into the Enga Massacres and many other killings, torture and rapes that have occurred in recent times.

"Part of the reason why many people are comfortably recording atrocious crimes and barbaric acts is because authorities are not dealing with the perpetrators and bystanders severely with harsh punishment.

"Any individual involved in tribal fights needs to be identified, prosecuted and sent to jail. We cannot have tribal war veterans and murderers walking our streets freely.

Mr Wapunai said week after week and month after month, social media in PNG is folded with videos of torture, killing, stabbing, rape and other gruesome videos, yet nothing aggressive is done by the authorities.

Hon. Wapunai stressed that people of PNG should wake up from slumber and demand justice for all.

"Where is our country heading to? It is obvious that our Prime Minister and his Police Minister are not at all have genuine concern for our people and their rights. The government should be protecting its citizens by all means and at all costs.



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