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Referendum App to be launched tomorrow

The Vois Blong Yumi network, which comes under Movement Red, wants to support the government through the National Referendum Communications Committee by ensuring that information about the upcoming referendum reaches as many people as possible.

To achieve this, they have created a mobile application or app that will feature all the necessary information.

Vois Blong Yumi Spokesperson, Mike Esrom and Jerry Lini

The spokesperson for the Vois Blong Yumi network, Mike Esrom, confirmed that this App will be launched tomorrow.

He explained that all a person needs to do is download the app. Once they click on it, they will be able to access all the information conveyed through statements, videos, analysis, and photos regarding the proposed amendments and referendum.

An advantage of this app is that even if a person is in an area without Internet coverage, they can still access the information.

With just 33 days remaining until polling day, Mr. Esrom stressed that since almost everyone, even in the islands, has a mobile phone, this app can efficiently spread information.

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