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[New post] President’s Opening Address to Parliament bobmakin posted: "There has been much interest in the matters raised by HE the President, Fr Baldwin Lonsdale, so his address is here given in full for the interest of those locally and overseas who wish to consider the many points. The Speaker described them as challengin" Respond to this post by replying above this line New post on Vanuatu Daily Digest President’s Opening Address to Parliament by bobmakin There has been much interest in the matters raised by HE the President, Fr Baldwin Lonsdale, so his address is here given in full for the interest of those locally and overseas who wish to consider the many points. The Speaker described them as challenging. The text is extremely long, and in Bislama. 2015 FIRST ORDINARY SESSION OPENING SPEECH BY H.E. WOMTELO REV. BALDWIN LONSDALE – PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF VANUATU: 8TH JUNE 2015. THEME: “A CALL ON NATIONAL LEADERS TO RE-VIST THE ORIGIONAL SPIRIT OF NATIONAL VALUES AND INTEREST TO RECAPTURE THE MISSING PAGES OF OUR FOUNDING FATHER’S VISION AND DREAMS FOR VANUATU AS DEPICTED ON THE NATIONAL GOVERNANCE SYMBOLS”. Hon. Spika, mo memebas blong Honorobol Haos ia, long fes Address blong mi long last yia long November 2014, mi bin besem ol tingting blong mi long wan stampa ting ting we hemi tale se; “ Long God yumi stanap: revisiting the vision of independence through the lens of Globalization and technological challenge and the adverse impacts on the Ni Vanautu Family”. MESSAGE OF SYMPATHY. Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, yumi kam insaed long 2015 wetem ol new challenges we yumi lukim tufala Provinces blong yumi I bin destroyed bigwan long taem Cyclone Pam hemi straekem yumi long 13th mo 14th March, 2015. Hon. Spika mo membas blong Parliament, hemi more than tu manis nao we Cyclone Pam I bin pass through long Vanuautu mo destroyem sam laefs blong ol pipol blong yumi, mo plante properties blong yumi ol family blong Vanuatu. Mi wandem tekem taem ia blong assurem everi wan se, mi too mi sharem ol loss ia wetem yufala, whether laef or property. Cyclone Pam I bin tekem wetem hem 11 laef blong ol pipol blong yumi both Nasonals mo olgeta we oli kam aotsaed. Wetem hemia, hemi prea blong mi se, bai God I comfortem yumi evri wan long ol sad taem olsem. Long olgeta we I bin lusum ol properties blong yufala, kaontri I sharem loss blong yufala too thru long Office blong President. Challenge ia hemi shud kam olsem wan niu lesson blong yumi, mo hemi shud helpem yumi blong jenisim fasin blong yumi buildim ol homes blong yumi, we I save stanap agensem ol strong hurricane long fiuja. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Any taem we disasta I straek, response blong ol Kavman raon long wol, Kavman blong Vanuatu ol agencies, NGO’s, Politicians, business Houses, Provincial kavmans, ol Jiiojes, ol Jifs mo ol pipol or community hemi important tumas. Wetem hemia, Hon. Spika, mi wandem acknowledgem contributions blong evri individual we yufala I bin step aot feswan blong mekem restoration blong kliarem ol rod blong yumi mo mekem Town i kiln long early morning afta we cyclone I bin pass. Mu via I bin mekem Vanuatu I karem wan gud name long international Community. Ol gud citizens blong Port Vila, mo affected Communities, Thank yu tumas from wanem we yufala I bin mekem blong startem ol process blong mekem yumi kambak blong liv normal lives, afta wan strongest cyclone ever I hitim Southern Hemisphere. Nara lot blong thank yu blong mi, mi wandem acknowledgem work blong Ofis blong Prime Minister, Minister blong Climate Change mo NDMO, from ol wok we yufala I bin mekem blong assistem ol affected Communities blong yumi. Special thank yu long Kavman we I bin provaedem selen blong pem ol kakai blong givim long olgeta communities olsem ol relief supplaes. Deklareson blong State of Emergency too I provaedem wan wei blong helpem evri wan blong save start blong recovery rod, especiali from access blong VNPF 20% package long everi member blong VNPF. Nara lot blong tok Thank yu too I ko long ol Government raon long World we oli bin respond long wan apil we mi bin mekem long Sendai long Opening blong WCDRR, long Japan. Assistance I bin bigwan, mo mi wandem tekem taem ia blong conveyem gratitude blong Vanuatu iko long evri kaontri long World from generous assistance we oli bin givim ikam long Vanuatu Government either Directly or through olgeta agencies blong olgeta we oli stap serve long Vanuatu. To our Global Partners, thank yu tumas long evri assistance in kind long Vanuatu affected pipol. Bilateral Agreements blong yumi I bin playem big part blong ol Assistance we I kam insaed. Indeed Hon Spika mo ol Hon. Membas blong Parliament, yumi bin blessed bigwan long help we I kam, mo yumi mas congratulatem Kavman blong I save mekem sua se ol relief Assistance ia I save done long wan transparent manner, mo ol recordings blong olgeta too I save be done long wei we everi wan I hapi long hem. Nara fala lot blong tok thank yu blong mi, I stap ko long ol Politicians moo l Provincial Kavman long Nothern Provinces mo Municipal Counsel blong Luganville we yufala too I bin part blong helpem ol pipol blong yumi we I bin safa long Cyclone Pam. Ol roots Crops mo planting materials ia I helpem ol affected communities blong yumi blong growem bakegen ol aeland kakae blong ol pipol blong yumi. Bigfala thank yu too iko long ol Jiojes we oli bin help bigwan blong donate ikam long ol affected areas blong yumi. Ol local Jiojes mo ol international Jiojes too I bin giv han, mo wetem hemia, mi extendem Thank yu blong Neson I kam long yufala. Long ol Jifs mo ol Business houses long Vanuatu, Thank yu long yufala blong stanap wetem ol pipol blong Vanuatu long ol difficult times ia, mo naoia yumi stap enta long ol recovery mo reconstrakson stages. Ol moral sapot mo encouragemen blong yufala I bin help blong givim meaning long ol pipol blong yumi long olhard times ia. Las lot blong tok thank yu, mi wandem expressem thank yu blong mi iko long ol international medias we oli bin pleyem big part blong alertem response blong ol victims blong Cyclone Pam, mekem se ol assistance ikam in long evri kona blong world. CNN mo BBC I bin playem bigfala role blong attracktem response, mo mi wandem talem bifgfala thank you blong mi iko long olgeta. Ol assistance we yumi receivim I kam in long tri stages, immediate response, recovery mo rehabilitation mo long Resilience we bai ikam yet. Mi stap luk fowod blong receivim Recovery plan blong Kavman blong yumi long ol taem we I stap kam THEME BLONG 2015 FES ORDINERI SESSION. Hon.Spika mo Membas of Parliament, afta we yumi bin lukluk long ol importance blong Ni-Vanuatu family long las Parliament session, mi bin disaed blong mi besem ol toktok blong mi long session ia wetem Stampa tingting ia; “A call on the National Leaders to Re-visit the Origional Spirit of Our National Values and National Interest to Recapture the Missing Pages of our Founding Fathers’ Visions and Dreams for Vanuatu as Depicted in our National Governance Symbols”. Hon. Spika mo membas blong Parliament, mi besem ol toktok ia long II Chron. 7:14, which hemi talem olsem se; “ if my people who are called by my Name, will humble themselves, seek my face, confess their sins and pray to me; I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and heal their land”. Hon. Spika mo membas blong Parliament, God hem requirem yumi thru long skripja ia blong yumi mas mekem (4) fala samting; blong yumi hambolem yumi, seekim fes blong hem, confessem olgeta nogud blong yumi mo pray long Papa God, bamabi hemi mekem trifala samting; ¬ Bamabi hemi harem ol preas blong yumi; ¬ Bambai hemi forgivim yumi mo ¬ Bambai hemi healim land blong yumi. Hon. Spika mo membas blong Parliament, 35 yias on, mi bilif se hemi gud yumi mas tekem taem blong yumi lukluk bakegen olsem wanem yumi stap muv iko wetem ol development blong yumi. Any development we yumi wandem mekem long Vanuatu I mas reflectem national values mo national interest blong yumi. Long tinting ia nao, mi wandem besem toktok blong mi long hem long sitting ia. Long Fes Ordineri Session blong 2015 long yia ia, mi stap invaetem yufala blong yumi travel iko bak long histri blong yumi mo lukluk bak long samfala basic Principles blong yumi we hemi shud guidem yumi tudei mo iko long fiuja. NATIONAL GOVERNANCE SYMBOLS BLONG VANUATU. Hon. Spika mo ol Membas blong Parliament, Mi wandem tekem attention blong yumi long session ia, blong remandem yumi se ol vaules blong yumi hemi vested wetem ol Nasonal symbols ia. Olgeta nasonal Governance symbols ia, oli representem ol nasonal values blong kaontri blong yumi, mo olsem ol lidas blong neson blong kaontri ia, yumi mas upholdem oltaem intergrity blong ol values ia. National Constitution. Nasonal Constitution blong yumi hemi stap tudei olsem measuring rod blong ol affairs mo conducts blong ol pipol blong yumi, mo Naosnal Konstituson blong yumi hemi stap too olsem kampass blong yumi. Evri actions blong ol citizens blong Vanuatu should be measured against Konstitution blong yumi. Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliamen, Parliament I continue blong passem ol Los blong yumi olsem ol Acts blong Parliament. Mi wandem stressem wetem yumi se, afta we yumi passem ol Acts ia, hamas long yumi I stap ko bak long ol aeland blong go thru ol Acts ia wetem ol electorates blong yumi? Yumi nid blong yumi explenem gud ol Acts we yumi stap passem wetem ol pipol blong yumi. Long nara saed blong hem, hemi gud too blong everi Act we iko long Parliament, I shud receiveim wan consensus tingting blong pipol blong Vanuatu fastaem bifo Parliament I tebolem. Hon. Spika mo Membas blopg Parliament, 35 yias I pass nao, mo yumi nid blong lukluk long fasin blong hao yumi stap passem ol loas blong yumi, mo weta hemi save benefitim ol pipol blong yumi. Nasonal Anthem blong Vanuatu. Nasonal Anthems blong any country hemi stap olsem wan important symbol mo evri citizen blong Vanuatu I shud treatim Anthem ia wetem respect mo dignity. Nasonal Anthem blong yumi hemi identifaem yumi olsem ol Man Vanuatu, both long ples mo long ol overseas events. Wan stampa toktok we hemi identifaem ol man Vanuatu wetem Nasonal Anthem ia hemi; “YUMI”. Yumi hemi stap olsem stampa toktok blong Unitem ol pipol blong yumi. Wanem we yumi mekem or disaed long hem shud stap olsem basis blong Unitii blong Vanuatu. National Anthem hemi expressem joy mo pride blong Vanuatu mo pipol blong hem. Yumi usim hemia long ol impotent ceremonies, long sports both outside mo long kaontri. National Flag blong Vanuatu: Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, nasonal flag hemi stap blong givim identity blong yumi olsem ol man Vanuatu. Narafala lukluk blong Flag, hemi mekem yumi ol man Vanuatu I stap olsem se yumi independent mo yumi stap olsem wan free sovereignty. National flag oltaem I mekem ol pipol I feelim a sense of belonging, mo taem we hemi raised long any kaontri, ol man we oli belong long kaontri oli fil se oli important. Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, Flag blong yumi hemi special from design blong hem ia, I reflectem ol true identity blong yumi ol man Vanuatu. Y shaped is showem layaot blong kaontri blong yumi, mo nasonal kala we hemi tokbaot kala blong ni Vanuatu pipol, environment mo strakol blong yumi, mo faith blong yumi. Mi stap hope nomo se any dealings we yumi mekem wetem ol partners outsaed by I reflectem ol tingting we Vanautu I needim mo I wandem, be ino follem nomo ol wish blong yumi ol individual lida blong neson. Nasonal Motto blong Vanuatu: National Motto oblong Vanuatu hemi stap olsem Guiding principal blong ol wok blong yumi. Taem yumi talem se “long God yumi Stanap”, yumi stap talem se God bambai hemi directem yumi long evri samting we yumi wandem mekem blong Vanuatu I benefit long hem. Evri effort, evri tingting we yumi ol lidas I mekem or disaed long hem, I mas reflectem ol toktok we God I stampa long hem. Olgeta toktok olsem, Loa blong yumi, ol diplomatic Relaesonship blong yumi, mo too, ol toktok olsem I shud reflectem faith mo bilif blong yumi. Wan long olgeta tingting we mi stap wandem raisem wetem yumi long Parliament ia, hemi senta araon long Preamble blong mama Loa blong yumi. Empahasis hemi stap long Faith in God, Christian Pricnciples mo traditional values. Ol loa blong yumi I shud be based long trifala Principals ia. Be long Fundamental rights, wan samting we hemi no definem gud ol rights ia, hemi “ Freedom of religion”. Naoia, taem mi stap toktok long yufala, yumi gat samfala non- Christian denominations or organization I stap finis long Kaontri blong yumi. Hemi nid blong Parliament ia I definem ol provision blong mama Loa ia, mo I reflectem Preamble ia, mo sapos hemi mas mekem samfala amendments blong jenism Fundamental Rights section ia, hemi gud blong Parliament I mekem. National Emblem blong Vanuatu. Emblem blong Vanuatu hemi stap showem aot wan traditional warrior we designer I bin extractem aot long ol early Histri buk, mo hemi showemaot wan Warrior blong Sandwhich Aeland, we yumi save long hem tudei olsem Efate. Warrior ia, Rick Frazer I bin modifaem mo yumi lukim hem I stap stanap long wan aeland. Nasonal emblem hemi representem strakol blong Independence blong New Hebrides mo birth blong Vanuatu. Coat of Arms or Emblem ia, hemi stap remaendem yumi se rod blong Independence blong yumi, hemi no bin easy. Hemi olsem we bigfala Jif ia I bin traem blong klaemem wan stiff hill, mo taem hemi kasem antap long top blong hill ia, hemi givim wan “sigh of Relief” se hemi kasem destineson blong hem, hemi stanemap spear blong hem; mo talem se; “Long God yumi stanap”. Tudei, Emblem ia hemi stap long Flag blong President blong Ripaklik, ol leta hed blong ol Government Offices, I stap long hat blong ol Polis Fos mo Vanuatu Mobile Fos, long vatu coins blong yumi mo ol narafala offices blong Kavman saen Boards. National Emblem ia hemi stap talem long yumi se, protection blong Vanuatu I stap long ol respective Officers long Fos, Kavman, Head of State, mo long world blong Economy, Vatu hemi stap olsem defenda blong Ekonomi blong yumi. Hon. Spika mo ol Membas blong Parliament, yumi respectem too important symbol ia, or yumi usum nomo blong tekem wanem yumi wandem mo ignorem value we symbol ia I karem. NATIONAL INTEREST BLONG VANUATU. Follem ol Governance symbols ia, evri symbols oli point iko long receipients blong ol services, decisions mo evri wok blong Kavman blong servem pipol blong hem. Taem yumi lukim olgeta verses blong National Anthem, hemi spellem aot ol toktok we National interest I shud addressem. Hemi stap talemaot long yumi, wanem nao ol goals we yumi wandem kasem, long saed blong Social, economic, cultural, or ol narafala infrastrakja we yumi wandem mekem blong assistim servis delivery long ol people blong yumi. Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, mi wandem droem ol lukluk blong yumi iko bak long histri blong strakol blong yumi, mo I bin gat two stampa kraon we yumi ko wetem; Political Independens mo Economic Independens. Yumi bin kasem Political Independens finis, be yumi nid blong kasem Economic Independens yet. Status we yumi stap fesem tudei, yumi stap reapim wanem we ol Colonial Masters blong yumi I bin setem. Mi stap wandem tekem taem blong congratulatem ol Founding Fathers blong Independence, from oli bin gat wn strategy olsem wanem nao bae yumi kasem Economic Self Reliance ia, be along the wei, yumi bin lusum rod. Tudei Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, taem mi stap adressem Parliament ia, wan bebi I bin born finis, mo hemi pikinini blong ol man Vanuatu nomo. Yumi nid blong sapotem Pikinini ia I kam mature, blong hemi save givhan long ol man ples. While yumi save lukim ol ordineri pipol I kam blong sapotem pikinini ia, Kavman hemi stap yet blong hemi kam part blong mekem pikinini ia I grow I kam antap blong helpem yumi evri wan. Long rod blong yumi blong yumi kasem destiny ia, yumi nid blong createm tufala institutions blong eduketem ol man ples blong yumi blong yumi ajivim goal ia: I gat; ¬ School of Leadership of Excellence, mo ¬ School of Finance. Wetem establishment blong Vanuatu Pipol’s Investment and Equity Fund, we hemi attractem big populeson blong Vanuatu, kavman hemi nid blong blessem fund ia wetem membership blong hem. Rod blong Economic Self-Reliance hemi open finis, wanem taem nao bai Kavman hemi redi blong luksave mo ka part blong journey ia? Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, start long 1991 taem we majority rul hemi kam long end blong hem, kavman blong dei, hemi wok blong pleasim ol political sapotas blong hem nomo, mo yumi lusum quality blong nasonal interest blong neson blong yumi. Value blong putum interest blong neson, hemi kam olsem last option blong ol kavaman afta long 1991, mo mekem se kaontri I mas go through samfala system blong putum yumi long wan rod we I shud helpem yumi kam bak long wan rod we I stret. Exampol blong hemia, hemi CRP we I kam into fos long late 1990’s. Long fes 11 yias blong majority rul, kaontri I bin witnessem ol polisi we hemi targetem ol activity we bae neson I benefit long hem long taem ikam, espeseli long ol productive sektas blong yumi; ol establishment blong Agriculrural Extension officers long evri Local Kavman area, establishment blong ol Local Kavman Councils, establishment blong Nasonal Kaonsel blong ol Jifs, nasonal Kaonsel blong ol Women, establishment blong ol Financial Institution olsem Vanuatu National Provident Fund, Reserve Bank mo National Bank, mo Development Bank. Olgeta institutions ia, I bin established blong assistim ol man ples blong oli developem laefstael blong olgeta. Priority Action Agenda blong kavman we I bin created blong facilitatem ol development goals blong Kavman mo identifaem ol priority blong Kavman I stap follem wan road blong satisfaem nomo samfala pipol we oli stap long pawa, mo ino follem ol nids blong evri aeland. Yumi lukim tu se samfala aeland we I gat ol good infrastructure, plante assistance we I stap kam aotsaed, I continue blong go long ol pleses olsem, mo samfala we oli nogat yet, hemi continue to be left out. Ol narafala areas blong Nasonal Interest we I nid blong Kavman I lukluk long hem, hemi kavremap ol area blong Security, stability mo unity blong Neson. Trifala stampa values ia hemi stap olsem ol driving fos blong progress mo development. Without trifala values ia, bambai yumi no gat development, or progress blong yumi i muv fowod. Rule of law, mo law and order hemi wan samting we everiwan long Vanuatu I wandem tumas blong hemi prevail. Hon. Spika mo Memebas blong Parliament taem mi stap mentionem Law mo Order, mi wandem droem attention blong Honorobol haos ia iko long samfala aotstanding benefits blong ol member blong Polis fos we oli bin tekem risk blong memkem sua se Law mo Oda I kam bak long Vanuatu bifo independence I happen, from ol Fos Memebeas oli mas riskim laef blong olgeta blong daonem effect blong Rebellion long 1980. I bin gat 307 Fos membas I bin help blong putum daon rebellion long Santo wetem PNG Kumul Fos, mo long mo Tanna, we oli deservem compensation. Fulap long olgeta oli pass away finism be fulap I stap yet. Mi stap askem Kavman blong I mekem sua se ol aotstanding benefits ia yumi setolem wetem ol offisas concern, from ol previous kavman I bin compensatem olgeta we oli bin involve long Rebellion, be I foketem olgeta we oli bin help blong mekem se Loa mo Order I kam bak long Vanuatu bifo yumi independent.. ROD BLONG ECONOMIC RECOVERY BLONG VANUATU. Hon. Spika mo membas blong Parliament, Vanuatu I bin safa bigwan long Economic progress blong hem. Ol effort long ol past years we Vanuatu I bin investem long hem blong growem economi blong Vanuatu, long Tourism Sekta mo agicultural sekta I bin devastated bigwan. Nomata long hemia, Vanuatu I glad blong lukim se ol activity blong Turis we i stat blong happen bakegen wetem wan web site we I talem se “Vanuatu is still smiling”. Wetem rate blong recovery status blong Vanuatu through long ol global Partners blong hem, Vanuatu Tourism Sekta mo Agricultural I confident blong impruvum servis blong hem bakegen. Coperate effort blong yumi ol pipol blong Vanuatu wetem ol partners blong yumi, bambai yumi buildime new Paradise blong yumi bakegen. Hemi wish blong mi se Ministries we oli responsibol long ol Productive sektas blong Vanuatu bambai oli kam aot blong putum evri effort blong olgeta blong growem bak ekonomi blong Vanuatu. Yumi bin safa, be wetem safaring blong yumi, ol assistance we I kam insaed hemi bigwan too, so mi stap askem ol responsibol Ministries blong mekem effort blong putum emaphasis long re-construction blong Ekonomil sekta blong yumi. RENOVATION BLONG OL GOVERNMENT HOUSES. Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliaments, ol wokman blong Kavman I bin inheritim ol haos blong ol Colonial Masters blong yumi, mo yumi continue blong lukim deterioration rate blong ol houses ia. Ol conditions blong ol homes ia, oli stap go nogud mo hemi stap contribute too long ol performance blong ol Officers blong yumi. Mi stap adressem issue blong ol houses ia, blong kavman I lukluk blong impruvum or renovetem ol haoses ia, from olgeta oli ol haos blong tufala kavman we I livim wetem yumi. 35 yias afta independence, yumi no lukim yet ol niuhaoses blong Kavman. Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, plante wokman blong Kavman tudei I mas rent aot, mekem se expenses blong housing Allowance hemi bigwan. Sapos kavman I mekem ol new premises blong hem bambai hemi earnem plante mane, from ol rent we ol staff I rent I kam bak from haos we oli stap long hem. wanem taem nao bai yumi putum tuketa sam mane blong mekem renovation blong ol homes blong ol officers ia? NEW COURT HAOS BLONG VANUATU: Hon. Spika mo Memebas blong Parliament, mi stap tekem taem ia wan moa taem blong mi joenem Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek, blong sapos Kavman I save lukluk blong buildim wan niu Court haos. Olfala court haos I bin bon long wan fire six yias I pass nao mo ino bin gat wan new one I build yet kasem naoia. Mi tekem taem ia tu blong talen thank yu blong mi iko long lida blong kavman blong assurem Chief Justice long taem blong Opening blong Courth haos long beginning blong yia ia, blong Kavman I buildim wan new Court Haos blong Vanuatu bakegen. PRESIDENTIAL PALACE. Vanuatu stret afta long Inependence, tufala fes President I bin liv long wan haos blong foma French Resident Kommisioner haos long taem ia. Cyclone Uma I bin destroyem premises ia long 1987, mo kasem tudei, State Haos I bim muv aot long Joint Court area, mo stap long ples we Office I stap long hem tudei. Conditions blong State House ino bin allaoem former Head of State blong Liv long hem mo hemi mas vacatem haos ia, kasem naoia President I stap liv long wan hoas we neson I stap rentem long wan properety blong wan waet man long Malapoa Estate. Hemi 28 yias nao we, President blong Ripablik blong Vanuatu, ino save stap long area blong hem, from Kavman ino bin plan blong buildim bak Haos blong President blong Ripablik blong Vanuatu long area blong hem. Hon. Spika mo membas blong Parliament, mi wandem stressem olsem se, status blong Head of State long Vanuatu, I bin drop bigwan, wetem olgeta blong Head of State I stap olsem wan symbol blong Unity mo Pis. Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, mi stap tekem taem blong talem se 28 yias hemi long taem tumas blong kavman I no lukluk long wan Presidential Palace. Hon. Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, plante dignitaries blong overseas I bin stap pem ol important visit I kam long Head of State Ofis, we I stap long wan servant’s quarter, we I convert iko olsem Ofis blong President. Wanem taem nao bai Kavman I luk save se kaontri ia hemi kat Head of State mo givim hae Ofis ia wan recognition we hemi desrevem? Mi stap tekem taem ia tudei blong mi kivim kol I kam long kavman, blong realisem se wan long ol missing pages blong ol dreams blong ol Forefathaers blong yumi, hemi stap point iko blong no luksave se “ Repect is Honourable”, from yumi fail blong luksave important Ofis we Head of State I stap occupaem. ANNOUNCEMENT BLONG OL PARLIAMENT BILLS BLONG FES ORDINERI SESSION. Hon Spika mo Membas blong Parliament, allaoem mi blong mi announcem ol Bills we Parliament ia bambai I tebolem mo debatem long fes Ordineri Session ia. 1. Bill for the Strata Titles( Amendement ) Act No. of 2015. 2. Bill for the International Companies (Amendment) Act no. of 2015. 3. Bill for the Stamp Duties (Amendemnt ) Act No. of 2015. 4. Bill for the Charitable Association (Amend,emt) Act No. of 2015 5. Bill for the Planted Forest Act No of 2015. 6. Bill for the Energy Efficiency of Electrical Appliances. Enquipment and lighting Products Acts no. of 2015. 7. Bill for the Industrial Development (Amendment ) Act no. of 2015. 8. Bill for the Business Namoas( Amendment )Act no of 2015. 9. Bill for the the National Youth Council Act No of 2015. 10. Bill for the commercial Government Business Enterprise Act no2015. 11. Bill for the Kava ( Amendement) ACT of 3015. 12. Bill for the Shipping (Amendment ) act No of 2015. Hon Spika mo Hon. Memebas blong Parliament, Memebas blong Diplomatic Corps, ol narafala Distingushed Guests, thank you long attention blong yufala. Wetem hemia, mi stap tekem taem ia blong deklarem se Fes Ordineri session blong 2015 hemi Officially Open. bobmakin | June 9, 2015 at 8:38 am | Categories: The News, Digested | URL: Comment    See all comments    Like Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from Vanuatu Daily Digest. Change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions. Trouble clicking? Copy and paste this URL into your browser: Thanks for flying with

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