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Melanesia and South Pacific

Greetings to all of you visiting this blog.

We are in the process of LINKING all Melanesians in the world to become united, not just physically, but more importantly spiritually and in the way of thinking and behaving in order to help us ourselves free from colonialism of any sorts and forms.

We are not talking about political colonialism, but mental and spiritual as well. We want to be free, and to be ourselves

We want to become "Mela-Nesians" as our ancestors were before foreign way of thinking and behaving came to influence.

We want to become "Mela-Nesians" as a people, as a race, as a region.

We want to become "Melanesians" as an icon of human dignity and integrity, not human development and modernity, but the "real" human and humanity in essense.

We know you are not getting what we are talking about.

But we invite you to read more articles and or information coming up in this blog and in other blogs such as the fellowing:

From the names we can figure out what they are. 

We invite you all to contribute
  • your time
  • your skill
  • your energy, and
  • financial support
to our effort to UNITE all MELANESIANS to become One as a people and as a region.

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