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For Immediate Release - AIR NIUGINI SERVICES

Air Niugini appreciates the patience of its valued passengers as we work to restore normal operations across our domestic network. 

Inclement weather has hampered restoration of services this morning, in Port Moresby.

Air Niugini flights are not grounded but services have been delayed and will be restored and resolved in a timely manner. Again, we thank our valued passengers and traveling public for their patience.

Air Niugini would like to reassure members of the traveling public that issues around jet fuel supply are being appropriately contained, contrary to what is being communicated across various social media platforms. 

Air Niugini is working with jet fuel suppliers to ensure that fuel supplies remain compliant and within specifications. 

At Air Niugini, we are committed to providing safe, reliable, and competent air travel experiences for our passengers. 

As we resume operations, we look forward to welcoming you back on board and serving you with the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Air Niugini Corporate Communications 
Sunday, 25th February 2024


Air Niugini is the national airline of Papua New Guinea, and recently celebrated 50 years of operation. The airline proudly serves the people with competent, accessible, reliable air transport services.

A series of online articles written and published by Pacific Guardian attempt to discredit the integrity of the airline, its management team, and its Board of Directors.
The Pacific Guardian report of 17th February 2024 titled “AIR NIUGINI CANCELS LEASE AGREEMENT AT COST OF REPUTATION OF FUTURE LEASES”, made several false and misleading allegations.
1. Air Niugini is NOT cancelling the wet lease agreement early. The SkyUp Airlines Boeing 737 lease agreement is being operated to the full agreed term. The lease is not being cut short.
2. Air Niugini is satisfied that the aircraft has achieved its objectives, though additional flights to other PNG centres would have been preferred.
3. The Air Niugini Acting CEO and his team negotiated the rate with SkyUp Airlines LLC, of Kiev, Ukraine. The terms and duration of the lease arrangement were also negotiated by the Air Niugini team.
4. Air Niugini did NOT pay K30million for ‘extra two engines’ for the ‘Bird of Paradise painted...’ aircraft. The engines were free of any charges, funded entirely by the lessor, as per the terms and conditions of the negotiated arrangement.
5. Air Niugini is NOT on a ‘lease blacklist’, as the SkyUp Airlines lease was not terminated. No such list exists.
6. Air Niugini states the SkyUp Airlines lease arrangement was beneficial. Though, as previously stated, Air Niugini had hoped the aircraft would have serviced more of its domestic network, however limitations and restrictions at domestic airports prevented this from occurring.
7. The Air Niugini management and board, including the Acting CEO and Chairman, have extensive experience negotiating these arrangements. This has been demonstrated widely from the negotiation of aircraft purchase agreements with Boeing and Airbus to arrangements that brought catering services back to the company. The management team boasts some of the most experienced aviation specialists in the industry – experience gained from globally recognised airlines, and not just in PNG.
The management of Air Niugini acknowledges the poor quality of the articles, evidently authored by individuals lacking in-depth understanding of the subject matter. However, such inadequacy does not justify the propagation of falsehoods.
Air Niugini reaffirms its commitment to addressing the challenges stemming from years of mismanagement and poor decision-making. Supported by the board of directors and Kumul Consolidated Holdings, our shareholder, the management team has committed to introduce new aircraft to PNG, in 2025. These new arrivals are currently scheduled to arrive in September, coinciding with our nation's 50th anniversary of independence, marking a significant milestone for Papua New Guinea and Air Niugini, as well as for our loyal customers and dedicated team members.
The Acting CEO and his team are cognizant of individuals seeking to destabilise the airline, some of whom are former Air Niugini employees who owe much to the company. Fabricated news and baseless accusations will no longer be tolerated or overlooked. We are committed to safeguarding the reputation of the Air Niugini team, the company, our board, and our shareholder. Any falsehoods will be rebutted, and we will take legal action against those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.
The management and board of Air Niugini extend their heartfelt gratitude to the SkyUp Airlines team as they prepare to return to Europe after an extended period away from home since December 2023.
Corporate Communications Department, Air Niugini
Monday 19 February 2024



NEWS RELEASE: 22 February 22, 2024

The Commissioner of Police, David Manning, has urged the public and businesses to be patient as fuel is rationed due to the failure of Puma Energy to replenish supplies around the country.
Commissioner Manning said the RPNGC has plans in place to enforce government policy decisions and regulations for the allocation of fuel supplies, and to investigate any breach of national laws by Puma Energy and its executive officers.
“We are dealing with a serious energy security problem that has impacts right across the country affecting communities, and government and business functions”, the Commissioner said.
“If the situation deteriorates further, the Police Force awaits government policy directives on ensuring the security of fuel distribution with an anticipated priority on essential services including hospitals and ambulances.
“The RPNGC is in contact with our government agencies to ensure there is coordination and communication to ensure the rule of law is maintained.
“The actions of Puma Energy have been drawn into question, and police are responding to any complaint referred to the RPNGC requiring investigation.
“No company or its executives are above the laws and regulations of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.
“Police will enforce laws and regulations to ensure security and safety for the public and businesses”.
The Commissioner said the shortage of fuel is causing frustrations for consumers and businesses, and he has called for tolerance as the problem is sought to be resolved.
“The situation created by Puma to stop the import of fuel into the country is impacting on lives and businesses around the country.
“We need fuel for families in their daily lives, and for businesses to operate and keep their people employed, and this fuel shortage is causing pain.
“Long lines at petrol stations to purchase fuel can lead to tension as people wait for their turn at the pump.
“I ask the public to be patient as they wait and respect your fellow Papua New Guineans, because everyone is in the same situation.
“Ideally plan when you will go to a petrol station and, if possible, go at non-peak times when the lines might be shorter.
“For the Public and business, it is also advisable to limit your travel so that you can conserve the fuel that you have in your tank and do not have to go back to the station too soon.
“Finally, we all need to be respectful and not air frustrations at petrol station staff, they are just doing their jobs and the shortage of fuel is not their fault”.
David Manning MBE, DPS, O. St J, OPM
Commissioner of Police

Alan Bird: Its Time for a New Deal for PNG

By Allan Bird | ESP Governor and Prime Minister's Nominee.
Up until 1pm yesterday I was an independent radical MP going about my usual day working with the Opposition caucus.

When the subject came up, I spoke against getting a nominee and asked my colleagues to wait a week.

"We have a duty to show our people that we hear their cries. We must have a nominee today" Sir Puka Temu said. So the caucus took a decision and here we are.

I am deeply humbled that a founding father and former PM, a former PM and two former deputy PMs and MPs more senior than I, entrusted me with the honour of being the nominee.

Many MPs are actually beggars in Waigani. I have been trying to change this since I walked into Parliament in 2017.

I think PM Marape is a very nice man. I consider him a friend. But our country needs to respond faster to fixing our challenges. I have made many suggestions on how we can transform our country. Those suggestions fall on deaf ears.

This is not a job that we should all want but its a position that comes with immense power to do good and to do bad.

Our Constitution promises all PNGans an equal share of the nation's wealth. I think this New Deal should involve making this a reality.

We are a rich country and our people need to experience this. It's up to us to reform our systems and processes so our people can have an equal opportunity in our country. They should also have a say in how their individual communities develop.

We can't continue using Waigani to weaponise the budget as a tool for staying in power.

We can't wait 10 years for change. We need change in 18 months. If we can't do that, then we should also be thrown out of office.

The challenges facing our country have to be fixed urgently and we cannot delay anymore. These challenges are drowning all of us and government must be rapidly responsive in a transparent manner.

I know there are good leaders in government. We all fight for the same things, we only disagree on how to do it. This is not about myself, its not about the Hon James Marape, it is not about us as MPs, this is about our people.

All our people desire the same things: to live a happy, healthy life in relative safety and security knowing there is equal opportunity for advancement for everyone.

One man can't do this, Waigani has tried for 49 years and we see the results around us. All provinces need the freedom and the resources to develop the way they want to. The shackles of Waigani that hold the entire country imprisoned must be broken.

We have a duty and an obligation to give our people that freedom.


PVCC cautions unauthorised kava sellers

The Port Vila City Council (PVCC) is
 cautioning Kava bar owners that they cannot sell kava juice by the roadside or at home.

The Council said selling kava juice in plastic bottles by the roadside or from buckets on the roadside, and selling kava juice in plastic bottles at home is prohibited.

PVCC noted it has come to their attention that many kava vendors are operating without approval, so their enforcement team will be going around to check all kava bar premises.

In a statement issued by the Council, they remind all businesses related to kava that they must operate inside a certified kava bar. The Kava Bar must be approved by the PVCC. The owner must have a certificate showing they can run the bar on a suitable property. The Kava Bar is kept clean and tidy, with good lighting.

They have bins or other ways to dispose of rubbish. Each kava window and the toilet area have sinks and running water. The Kava Bar has toilets, one for men and one for women, or at least one toilet. They are clean and have toilet paper and soap. There are enough seats and benches for customers, and each kava vendor has enough kava shells.

The Kava Bar must have food stalls built correctly. The VT20 food vendors must have safety certificates and kava vendors must be kept clean. There must designated areas for spitting with sinks and running water. Waste pipes are connected properly. Hand washing facilities are at the main entrance, connected to proper waste systems.

Anyone caught not complying with the PVCC requirements will be requested to stop their kava sales.

PNG opposition numbers continue to grow

A total of 12 MPs in the Papua New Guinea Government of Jame Marape have now switched sides, joining the opposition, ahead of an expected vote of no confidence in the prime minister.

Governments in PNG have 18 months grace after an election when opponents cannot bring motions for votes of no confidence.

That period, in place since August 2022, expires this weekend.

RNZ Pacific correspondent in PNG, Scott Waide, said the latest resignations came on Thursday with the East Sepik Governor Allan Bird and Sam Basil Jr, who holds the Bulolo Open seat, strongly criticising Prime Minister Marape.

"Both expressed that they were disappointed in the performance of the Prime Minister and they decided to move. Sam Basil Jr in particular expressing that he was disappointing in the manner in which resources were being distributed for MPs on both sides of the House," he said.

Waide said Bird raised concerns about Marape's alleged involved in the Paul Paraka payments - something the prime minister has strenuously denied.

There are now 23 MPs on the opposition benches but a successful vote would require the backing of 60 members.

No motion has yet been filed, though the possibility of a motion is being widely discussed in PNG.

Meanwhile, Marape became the first Pacific Island leader to address the Australian federal parliament on Thursday, where he stressed about PNG's desire to become an economically independent nation.

Wenda Menyerukan politisi Euro untuk Menandatangani Deklarasi Brussel tentang West Papua

Oleh editor April - 25 Januari 2024

๐™‡๐™–๐™ฅ๐™ค๐™ง๐™–๐™ฃ ๐˜ผ๐™จ๐™ž๐™– ๐™‹๐™–๐™จ๐™ž๐™›๐™ž๐™ 

Seorang advokat terkemuka West Papua menyambut baik peluncuran Deklarasi Brussel minggu ini di Parlemen Eropa, dan menyerukan kepada anggota parlemen untuk menandatanganinya.

“Deklarasi ini merupakan dokumen penting, yang menggemakan seruan yang ada untuk kunjungan Komisaris Tinggi PBB untuk Hak Asasi Manusia ke West Papua yang dibuat oleh Forum Kepulauan Pasifik (PIF) , Organisasi Negara-negara Afrika, Karibia, dan Pasifik (OACPS) , dan Organisasi Negara-negara Afrika, Karibia, dan Pasifik (OACPS). Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG) ,” kata Presiden United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) Benny Wenda. 

“Saya meminta semua anggota parlemen yang mendukung hak asasi manusia, akuntabilitas, dan pengawasan internasional untuk menandatanganinya.”

Deklarasi Brussel, yang diselenggarakan oleh Parlemen Internasional untuk West Papua (IPWP), juga telah meluncurkan fase baru dalam kampanye kunjungan PBB.

Anggota parlemen Eropa Carles Puigdemont, mantan presiden negara bagian Catalonia yang memisahkan diri secara ilegal dari Spanyol pada tahun 2017 dan mantan jurnalis dan editor, mengatakan dalam pertemuan tersebut bahwa UE harus segera menghentikan negosiasi perdagangannya dengan Indonesia sampai Jakarta mematuhi “kehendak” negara tersebut. komunitas internasional” dan memberikan akses kepada PBB.

“Enam tahun telah berlalu sejak undangan awal kepada Komisaris Tinggi dibuat – enam tahun di mana ribuan warga West Papua telah terbunuh dan lebih dari 100.000 orang mengungsi,” kata Wenda.

“Indonesia telah berulang kali menunjukkan bahwa kata-kata kecaman saja tidak cukup. Tanpa tekanan nyata, mereka akan terus bertindak dengan impunitas total di West Papua.”

'๐™Ž๐™š๐™ง๐™ช๐™–๐™ฃ ๐™ฉ๐™š๐™ง๐™ฅ๐™–๐™™๐™ช'

Wenda mengatakan seruan untuk menghentikan perundingan perdagangan Eropa dengan Indonesia tidak hanya dilakukan oleh dirinya sendiri, LSM, atau masing-masing negara.

“Ini adalah seruan terpadu dari hampir separuh dunia, termasuk Komisi Eropa, untuk melakukan penyelidikan internasional di Papua Barat yang diduduki,” katanya.

“Jika Indonesia terus menolak akses, mereka hanya akan membuktikan benar semua akademisi, pengacara, dan aktivis yang menuduh mereka melakukan genosida di West Papua.

“Jika tidak ada yang disembunyikan, mengapa harus dirahasiakan?”

Sejak tahun 2001, UE telah menghabiskan jutaan euro untuk mendanai pemerintahan Indonesia di West Papua melalui undang-undang “Otonomi Khusus” kolonial yang kontroversial.

“Uang ini seharusnya diperuntukkan bagi kemajuan 'demokrasi, masyarakat sipil, [dan] proses perdamaian',” kata Wenda.

“Mengingat West Papua telah mengalami kolonialisme, penindasan, dan kekerasan polisi dan militer selama 20 tahun, kita harus mempertanyakan ke mana perginya dana tersebut.

'๐™๐™–๐™ฃ๐™–๐™ ๐™ฎ๐™–๐™ฃ๐™œ ๐™™๐™ž๐™™๐™ช๐™™๐™ช๐™ ๐™ž'

“West Papua adalah tanah yang diduduki. Kami tidak pernah menggunakan hak kami untuk menentukan nasib sendiri, yang telah diambil secara kejam dari kami pada tahun 1963.

“Negara-negara dan badan-badan internasional, termasuk Uni Eropa, tidak boleh melakukan investasi di West Papua sampai hak fundamental ini terwujud. Perusahaan dan korporasi yang berdagang dengan Indonesia atas tanah kami secara langsung mendanai genosida kami.”

Wenda menambahkan “kita tidak bisa membiarkan Indonesia menyembunyikan masalah ini – West Papua tidak bisa menunggu lebih lama lagi”.

West Papua Freedom Fighter shares ‘Freedom Tree’ planting experience

Current Presbyterian Church
 Elder Freddy Waromi of Paton Memorial Church (PMC) in Port Vila is from Ambae Island in West Papua.

He is also an active Deputy Commander in Chief of the National Liberation Army of West Papua, which continues to remain a headache for the Indonesian soldiers who have been following the evasive Melanesian hit and run soldiers for over 60 years.

Representing his country in Vanuatu, his current position in the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) is as Head of Foreign Mission and is in charge of the ULMWP in Port Vila.

While admiring the calm blue waters of the Seafront of Port Vila Harbour over his cup of Lipton tea, the 70+-year-old whom I refer to as “my wantok” since I come from Ambae Island in PENAMA Province, this time I asked him to comment on a rumour about a “Freedom Tree” he was supposed to have planted outside the Avunatari Church House on Malo Island to mark the Assembly hosted by the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV) last year.

Waromi confirmed he was asked to plant the tree seedling and our story became interesting, I switched on my digital recorder and the following is the rest of the story.

“I was privileged to have become one of the delegates of more than 700 from throughout the country as well as delegates from partner churches and especially invited guests from within Vanuatu,” he shared.

“The Assembly was launched on June 18{sup}th{/sup}, 2023 and the Assembly Business proceeded the next day.

“I was part of the introduction programme after the Clerk of PCV, Pastor Colin Keleb asked me to briefly introduce the Melanesian Struggle on West Papua for the delegates to hear.

“I introduced myself as an indigenous West Papuan who was born and raised on Ambae Island on the coast of West Papua. I thanked God for His goodness to guide me through the challenges of life all the way across the Pacific Ocean to arrive in Vanuatu, which also has another island also called Ambae.

“I thanked the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Pastor Simon Bani and Pastor Colin Keleb the Chairman of the Vanuatu Christian Council, as well as the two first born sons of Malo Island who are the Head of State, President Nikenike Vurobaravu and Member of Parliament (MP) Wesley Rasu.

“Immediately after my address, President Vurobaravu who was following the programme on television, called the organisers to convey his gratitude to me for recognising him as an indigenous son of Malo in my remarks. I felt very honoured to receive his words of gratitude.

“I also touched on the roadmap that ULMWP has endorsed for us to follow to achieve our eventual Freedom. I explained that on the road map we are to lobby the Melanesian Spearhead Group of countries to accept ULMWP which represents approximately 3, 000, 000 people to become a full member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

“Under this roadmap we are trying to convince MSG to accept our application to become a full member, as well as the members 18 member countries of Pacific Island Forum (PIF) to also accept us to become a full member of PIF.

“Next we are also trying convince those countries which endorsed the Nauru Resolution of 2019, which demanded the United Nations (UN) to send a UN Fact Finding Mission Commissioner to West Papua, to gather firsthand information or reports of human rights atrocities including rapes and killings of Melanesians on the ground.

“And finally ULMWP challenges the UN General Assembly to recognise the Independence Struggle of West Papua.

“In my appeal, I requested the Moderator to allow my humble request for the Assembly to allow a specific Prayer for the Independence Struggle of the people of West Papua.

“The Moderator accepted my request. After lunch I was asked to plant a seedling of a tree outside the Avunatari Presbyterian Church. The Council of Chief of Malo named the tree ‘Freedom Tree of West Papua’ and asked me to plant it.

“At 8 o’clock that night, they asked me to tell them the full story about the struggle for freedom of West Papua which started in 1960.

“I also explained the meaning of the West Papua Flag.

• The star on the flag represents God who is worshipped by all Christian people as the only Sovereign God of West Papua.

• The seven stripes on the flag are the seven different Regions throughout West Papua.

• The white colour represents the peaceful, generous people of West Papua.

• The red colour represents blood and tears which have been flowing from the eyes of the people of West Papua since raising the West Papua Flag for the first time on December 1st of 1960.

“As part of the evening programme, I presented a West Papua flag to the Moderator Pastor Simon Wani and another to the Paramount Chief of Malo Island.”

In the latest development, the Head of Foreign Mission has confirmed that the ULMWP President, Mr. Benny Wenda, who was elected by over 5,000 delegates in Jayapura ULMWP Congress last November, will be present at the European Commission to observe the current request for a UN Human Rights Commissioner to visit West Papua.

In conclusion, he said Mr. Wenda will be paying a courtesy call to Port Vila next month in his present capacity as the newly elected President of ULMWP.