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10 Indonesian Strategies to Conquer the Struggle of the West Papuan Nation:


The main strategy of colonialism is to use military force to conquer the nation's territory.  Military aggression was deployed.  

The killing operation was carried out.  

The people were expelled, terrorized and helpless.  

Then military reinforcement and occupation through territorial commands was established.  All sectors are controlled under military pressure.  Military violence was carried out repeatedly so that the colonized really surrendered.


Colonialism's goal was to extract natural resources to enrich the rulers and build their political power.  The natural resources of the colonized people were confiscated, the people were evicted, then exploitation was promoted without compromise with the nation owning the natural resources.  Colonized peoples are made alienated and economically powerless so that they are subject to the production and distribution of goods and services owned by the colonials.


This is a colonial strategy of conquest to strengthen regional control colonies by opening and expanding their administrative, colonial areas.  Formation of regions: newly expanded divisions and divided as small as possible.  Then the law and all rules are tightened to control and dominate.  Colonized peoples are recruited to become officials in order to forget their fate as colonized people.


The goal of colonialism is to take  over the territory.  So large-scale shipments of colonial citizens were carried out. Because they were the ones who, in quantity and quality, would conquer the colonized people and support the programs of the colonial rulers.  In the end, the conquered territories will be claimed as their nation, so that with their racist superiority they feel fully entitled.


The invaders will try to destroy it history and culture of the colonized peoples submissive to the invaders.  All values, norms, language, customs, and political history are prohibited from being displayed in public spaces in social life.  Then it was replaced with the colonialist's popular culture.  The conquered peoples were forced to memorize and respect the history and culture of the colonizing peoples.


The fastest way of conquest is to destroy consciousness. So that the invaders destroy the morale of the colonized people through drinking, prostitution, gambling, and useless riots.  

He knows that alcohol and sex are a quick way to destroy a colonized nation so that it does not exist and is easily conquered.  In order for the productive sectors to be controlled by the colonizers and the colonized people truly surrender.


The invaders will break up the defense force colonized peoples in conflicts division created by the occupiers.  Fighting against sheep, wars between religions, wars between clans, tribes, and groups in captivity.

The colonized peoples were kept busy fighting each other in the colonial political packages given for example expansion, positions, parties, elections, etc.  This was done so that the colonized people would not be aware, unite and fight against the invaders.


In the colonies, the voices of criticism and.

This struggle was silenced and repressed with law.  The people who fight against the colonialists will be accused of treason, separatism, criminals or terrorists.  If they were not killed, they were unjustly arrested and imprisoned under colonial criminal articles.  Also, if the people defend their rights to customary land, customary forests, and all their rights, they will be confronted with colonial laws that protect rulers and entrepreneurs (companies).  ?


Media, education, and all public spaces are controlled and controlled to influence the perceptions of the colonized people.  The goal is for the colonized people to justify and strengthen the narrative of the colonial rulers.  All the propaganda and stigma against the colonized people was launched so that the colonized people blamed themselves and their fellow nations, so that the colonized people felt they needed colonialists.


Colonialism broke the International Law.  However to maintain its illegality, the invaders.  need the support of foreign countries by offering the economic benefits of their colonies to foreign countries.  Global power is controlled to cover up the engineering of colonialism and then strengthens natural resource investment relations in the colonized areas and military assistance.  So that the international support the colonial conquest.

His conclusion: Indonesian colonialism colonized the West Papuan people not because of human resources but because they wanted to control the natural resources in Papua's paradise.

 Papuan socialists
 Diyeugi, 30 March 2023
 Musa Boma Mapia 777

π”π‹πŒπ–π ππ‘πŽπ•πˆπ’πˆπŽππ€π‹ π†πŽπ•π„π‘ππŒπ„ππ“ πŽπ… 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π’π€πˆπ‘π„π‘πˆ π‘π„π†πˆπŽπ — ULMWP Wilayah Saireri

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 (4pm-West Papua time). The ULMWP Provisional Government in Saireri region officially formed a committee for fundraising as an expression of support and solidarity with their Melanesian sibling (Vanuatu) in need.   

West Papua Solidarity for Victims of Natural Disasters in Vanuatu was officially formed on Wed 22, 2023. The purpose of forming this committee is to accommodate and raise funds for victims of the Vanuatu Natural Disaster.

The composition of the committee names are as follows:

1. Pietkael Hiowati, Committee Chair
2. Heri Mora, Secretary
3. Mrs. Marcelina Ayomi, Treasurer
With all members of the ULMWP Provisional Administration at the districts and villages.

All elements of the nation and people of West Papua from Sorong-Merauke, let's help our Melanesian family in Vanuatu who are currently in the process of recovering from the natural disasters they faced.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Head of the ULMWP Interim Government for the SAIRERI Region

𝐸𝐷𝐼𝑆𝑂𝑁 πΎπΈπ‘π·π‘Œ

#Vanuatu #WestPapua #Melanesia
#fundraising #HelpMelanesianFamily

Robbery Case in Mount Hagen: Caught in act

March 6, 2023 - The National Main Stories


A MAN got stuck in a narrow gap, another surrendered to authorities, while three escaped following a failed robbery attempt in Mt Hagen on Thursday night, police say.

Western Highlands police commander Supt John Sagom said the man was running away from police and security guards when he got stuck in the narrow gap, from which he had to be pulled out.

“The man was (stuck) in the (small) space 30 to 40 meters deep for hours before he was rescued and brought to the police station at around 9am on Friday,” he said.

“We do not know what would have happened to him if it was raining that night given the small space he was trapped in.”

He confirmed that police and security guards responded swiftly to the robbery attempt on Thursday night. Two men – the one who got stuck in the small space and another who surrendered to police – are now in custody.

Sagom said that the possible charge to be faced by the two suspects was burglary given the nature of the incident.

Police are yet to verify information that shops in town were also broken into on the same night.

He urged the three men on the run to give themselves up to police.

Meanwhile, a group of volunteers cleaning up the city said while they were busy trying to clean up and doing something good for the city, some hooligans were spoiling their efforts by robbing businesses and people.

They appealed to all young people in the area to join hands in making Mt Hagen safe and clean for its residents and visitors.