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Nine New Zealand MPs head to Melanesia

Nine New Zealand politicians are preparing for a six day trip to Solomon Islands and Vanuatu next week.
The Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard.
Trevor Mallard Photo: VNP / Daniela Maoate-Cox
Speaker Trevor Mallard, along with five women and three male MPs, will meet with parliamentarians, NGOs, businesses and women's groups in both countries.
The visit will focus on New Zealand's development programme, building relationships with parliamentary colleagues, and exploring trade and investment ties.
Mr Mallard said the women MPs will have discussions with local women leaders about the contributions they can make in Parliament.
Mr Mallard said the Pacific region is incredibly important to New Zealand and the travelling MPs have a wealth of parliamentary knowledge and experience to share.
He said he also expects the programme will help identify mutually beneficial business opportunities in the Pacific.

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  1. These colonial masters always try to please their colonised nations. They use development aids to continuously colonise those supposedly independent nation-states. What a game! what a nightmare!