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Sogavare: we leave behind $188M plus cash reserve

THE Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) had ended its term in office with more than $188million in cash reserves for working capital for the new government.

That’s according to outgoing Finance minister Manasseh Sogavare.

“This is a net of un-presented cheques of $25.9 million, which is $214million gross,” Sogavare claimed.

He stated this during Kadere Party’s launching of their candidate for Gizo/ Kolombangara, Lanelle Tanagada last week.

Sogavare hit out at criticisms against the DCC Government as being corrupt.

“I find these statements very insulting and made by people who are frustrated that their days in Solomon Islands politics is fading away into history because of pride and arrogance,” he said.

Sogavare stated that he finds the allegations of corruption amusing “because we only need to look at the way voter registration is potentially subject to manipulation because people from other constituencies as far as Malaita and Guadalcanal were going to be brought into this constituency (Gizo/Kolombangara) to vote, but were objected during the objection period,” he said.

He stated that contrary to the claim by some people, the country is making steady progress and this includes the fact that the foreign reserve continues to be healthy with an adequate safety net for importation while the country continues to import capital goods, food and medicines. 

Meanwhile, Sogavare also stated that a number of political parties are “promising the moon” during this campaign period which they will not be able to deliver.

“These are empty promises which are potentially dangerous to peace and harmony if the expectations of the people are not met,” he said.

“For the record, the country only collects $3 billion inclusive of aid funds that are already fixed and of which the health, education and policing sector get the bigger share of funding allocations. 

“The only group that is talking sense based on proven records during this campaign period is Kadere Party and its affiliated group of independent candidates,” he said. 

The long term strategy to address the capacity of this country to be able to deliver all which has been promised by the other political parties, is to broaden the economic base.

According to Sogavare, “we can only do that after we address the basic prerequisites such as land law reform and provide for full participation of the traditional leaders in the governance process of this country because they own all the land and resources of this country.

“Only then can we realistically talk about progressive development,” he added.

– Kadere Party Media

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