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Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda: Mr. President Jokowi…

Chief General Mathias Wenda, the Commander in Chief of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA), one of the affiliated commands of West Papua Army (WPA) has written to Hon. President Joko Widodo, the President of the Colonial Republic of Indonesia (CURI), in order to approach appropriate parties in dealing with riots in West Papua.

General Wenda, though the WPA Official Website mentioned three things to the President of CURI three things that Mr. President should consider now, rather than asking for Melanesians to West Papua to forgive and forget continuous and systematic racial discrimination that Melanesians have been facing since Indonesia invaded and occupied the territory of the Republic of West Papua.

Mr. Wenda proposed personnel from WPA, Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi and ULMWP Chair, Hon. Benny Wenda as the official representative that have been demanding for the United Nations Supervised Act of Self-Determination and therefore, anything regarding “referendum” should not be discussed among Indonesian officials, between the President and two colonial Provinces of Papua and Papua Barat.

The opening paragraph of the letter says,

From the Central Defence Headquarters (CDHs) of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA), I am as the Supreme Commander of West Papua Revolution (PANGTIKOR), hereby would like to explain my position on the following three points to Mr. President of the Republic of Indonesia: first of all regarding the current developments in the territory of the Republic of West Papua (RWP)  from Raja Ampat to Maroke; secondly, about Mr. President’s plan to meet with two colonial governors of Papua and Papua Barat to discuss about referendum; and finally the proposal from WPRA to Mr. President as ways to get out from current problems facing the Colonial Unitary Republic of Indonesia (CURI) as reactions to what your military and police officers have done, i.e., calling us Melanesians: “monkeys”.

General Wenda closes his letter by praying

…. that God the Creator of all Malay-Indonesians and Melanesians will give Mr. President the wisdom and ideas in order to bring this conflict ot an end, comprehensively and completely.

The WPRA Secretary-General, General Amunggut Tabi previously condemned racial discrimination against Melanesians from West Papua as a sign of Indonesia-Malay people and stated:

West Papua Army fights in defending the dignity and integrity of all black, white, red, green, and any colours as human beings, with the same and equal rights to be fully recognised and treated as fellow human beings. Therefore, we condemn Indonesian Nazi community and apartheid government in West Papua.

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