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Another innocent priest murdered by Indonesian forces and occupiers

BREAKING NEWS from Timika, West Papua. Another priest shot dead by colonial Indonesian military. There are 1000's of fully armed Indonesian soldiers in West Papua trying to force West Papuan people to accept Indonesian rule. JAYAPURA, - It was reported that Rupinus Tigau, a Catholic priest of Jalae station, Sugapa Parish, Timika Diocese, Papua was shot dead by TNI today, Monday, October 26, 2020 in Jalae village, Sugapa district, Intan Jaya, Papua. It was also reported that a young man from Jalae village was shot and was evacuated to Sugapa Hospital. Two people were shot by TNI members while carrying out a sweep in Jalae village. The sweeping was carried out in the morning. In addition, in carrying out sweeping and attacking TPNPB members, an information source reported that civilians fled to the forest. It was also reported that a house was burned by a member of the TNI.
Reporter: Arnold Belau People of West Papua refuse Indonesian colonialism and demand peaceful REFERENDUM on independence. We need international intervention in West Papua. Indonesia killing us for 58 years.

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