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Ethical and professional Police Officer in Port Moresby: Well done to this SSD team

 This is how police in the country should conduct themselves when engaging with the public. Ethical and professional Police Officer Well done to this SSD team

Thursday 22nd April 2021:


The intoxicated driver of a black sedan who attempted to flee from police was chased and arrested at Gordon today by members of the Mobile Squad. The sedan was stopped by a police officer near the Telikom compound for drink-driving, when it suddenly turned and sped off towards Gordon. A high-speed car chase ensured but Mike 400 quickly intercepted the chase by overtaking the sedan before blocking-off the road. They forced the fleeing car, to a screeching halt, and arrested the abusive driver. The suspect was then taken to the Traffic Office at 4 Mile, but duty officers at the Station opted to impound the vehicle and told the driver to go home and return the next day, because three of his occupants included one male adult and two school children. A Traffic Officer at the Station said, they could not press charges on the driver immediately because of the children but they have impounded the car with a whiskey bottle and will deal with the driver the next day.

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