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Six sorcery killers jailed 40 years eachApril 4, 2022The National Main Stories


THE National Court on Thursday sent a strong message and warning to those involved in sorcery-related violence when it jailed six people 40 years each for killing a father and his son in Northern three years ago.

Acting Judge Camillus Sambua jailed Cameron Jovu, Mike Jofo, Clenty Orotu, Branden Asiko, Andrew Sariko and Jesse Akuma, all from Ambene village in Kokoda, for the murder of Bartholomew Umbu and his son Siko.

The six killers had accused Umbo and Siku of practising sorcery.

Defence lawyer, Emmanuel Yavisa, from the Public Solicitor’s Office submitted that his clients be jailed 20 to 25 years as sorcery was a mitigating factor.
However, state lawyer Solomon Kuku argued that sorcery was not a mitigating factor as it was based on assumptions and not facts.

Kuku submitted that a term of 30 years to life imprisonment should be imposed as the circumstances were quite gruesome with disregard to human life.

Judge Samua then jailed all the six 40 years each.
“Life is a gift from God.
“It should be kept sacred as it is very precious.
“The act by the six accused are barbaric with no regard to life,” he added.
Jovu will serve 40 years concurrently for two counts of murder.

Mike Jofo, Clenty Orotu, Smith Asiko and Brendan Asiko, for one count of murder, while Jesse Akuma and Andrew Sariko, for two counts of murder.
A total of 18 people were believed to have been involved in the sorcery-related killing.

Eleven were acquitted on Tuesday.
Those acquitted included Emmanuel Koviro, Humphrey Konene, Bobby Jovu, Timothy Jofo, Howard Pou, Zebedee Akuma, Frank Johnson, Loide Koiko Sawa, Smith Ariko, Tadiu Roko and Robert Jovu.

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Sorcery Killers Jailed For 40 Years
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