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Brief History of How & Where the Name Kagamuga Came About

Kagamuga means " lady with big bum" in Oksapmin dialect, Teliformin District, West Sepik Province. Kaga " lady" Muga " big bum".

Geographically, Teliformin  District is located on the Sepik Central Range along the Bismark Peninsula that stretches through the Highlands Region and covers some parts of Momase Region. It shares border with Indonesia on the eastern end and with our provincial borders Western Province, ESP, Enga, Hela & SHP. 

There is no such word as " Kagamuga" in Melpa Dialect that you could find in WHP. During the colonial era, White Administrators (Kiaps) brought in casual labourers from different parts of PNG to work on the Kagamuga Airport project including Teliformin people to work alongside with Western Highlanders & Jiwakas. Kiaps would assign people with different tasks. Teliformin women were assigned to carry out the task of rollers for compacting and stabilizing the soil/ground given their physique body built. They would join hands in straight line, chanting and singing their favourite traditional songs whilst jumping to and fro compacting the soil/ground with their bear feet. It was all purely done by manpower using physical strength. No machineries involved at that time.

Kiaps could/would see their breast swung to and fro including their bums. Kiaps felt appropriate that the airport should be named after them as Kagamuga as a token of appreciation for their tireless commitment to the development of the airport. That's how name Kagamuga came about in Oksapmin dialect meaning " lady with big bum".

Thanks to all the people of Telifomin for your significant contribution to the development of Kagamuga Airport that is today enjoyed by many people.

Some even further worked on the plantations at Kindeng and Kudjip with then Warren Plantations & Estates, now WR Carpenters- the producer of National No: 1 tea. Special one to all the "Kagamugas" out there. You're not forgotten by us. We still keep your name alive!

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