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Manning calls for calm following death of Senior Constable Nelson Kalimda – Warns suspects not to resist


Sunday October 30, 2022

Following confirmation that the body retrieved in Magarima, Hela Province, is that of Senior Constable Nelson Kalimda, Commissioner of Police David Manning has called for calm amongst police personnel and their families as those responsible are arrested.
“Now is the time that the country needs our disciplined forces to show restraint and calm as we deal with the death of Senior Constable Nelson Kalimda,” Commissioner Manning said this evening during a media conference at the National Police Headquarters. The conference was held after senior officers visited the family of the late constable to inform them of the death of their husband and father.
“I appeal for calm, and to put off any response or protest action, because nothing will be achieved from more violence.
“I am appealing to, and I am directing, all uniformed personnel to show restraint and let the law take its course.
“I share your pain, and the pain of Senior Constable Kalimda’s family, and I am as angry as every other man and woman in our uniform over what has happened to our brother.
“Ours is a dangerous profession that is not free from risk, and our police men and women face threats every day they go to work.
“That we confront these risks does not make it any easier to deal with the grief we face, but it reminds us that we lead by example and use the law to bring enemies of the people to justice,” Mr Manning said.
Commissioner Manning said investigations are being led by some of the most capable officers in the Police Force to bring swift justice upon those involved in the death of Senior Constable Kalimda.
“I issue a clear warning to anyone involved with Senior Constable Kalimda’s death, to not resist arrest when police catch up with them.
“If these suspects threaten police with weapons, our police personnel have full authority to escalate the use of force and to use all appropriate means necessary to take control of the situation.
“Police have made two arrests so far and there are four other persons of interest that are the subject of an ongoing search.
“On behalf of all police and our families, my direction to investigating officers is clear, to go and find the culprits and bring them in using every means at your disposal because the weight of the law and the will of the people is on your side,” Mr Manning said.
Commissioner Manning said Hela Governor, Philip Undialu, has supported the search with provincial resources, alongside community leaders with their knowledge at the local level, and all of these efforts have been most valuable in supporting police action.
Photograph and caption: Police Commissioner David Manning at the media conference. Far right is Chief of Staff, Commander Stephen Francis.

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