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Lukas Enembe Becomes A Suspect In Alleged Money Laundering

 JAKARTA - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has named the inactive Papua Governor Lukas Enembe as a suspect in the alleged money laundering crime (TPPU). This determination is the development of the bribery and gratification case that ensnared him.

"The investigative team then developed further and found other alleged criminal acts so that currently the KPK has again named LE as a suspect in the alleged money laundering offense," said Head of the KPK News Section Ali Fikri to reporters, Wednesday, April 12.

Furthermore, investigators are still pursuing Lukas' assets which are allegedly obtained from the practice of bribery and gratification. Ali said the anti-corruption commission hopes that the application of this money laundering crime article can have a deterrent effect.

Not only that, the application of this article is also expected to optimally return state losses. "Other developments will be presented at the next opportunity," he said.

As previously reported, Lukas Enembe has been named a suspect in bribery and gratification. He is currently being held at the KPK detention center.

The KPK revealed that the receipt of bribes allegedly came from the Director of PT Tabi Bangun Papua, Rijatono Lakka. Meanwhile, gratification is allegedly given by other private parties in order to get projects in Papua.

In an effort to investigate the case that ensnared Lukas, about 90 witnesses were examined. They consist of various elements including digital forensics, forensic accounting experts, and health experts.

It did not stop there, the KPK had also confiscated around Rp50.7 billion in cash; gold bullion, a ring of precious stones, and four cars. This confiscation was carried out to complete evidence of fraudulent practices carried out by the regional head.

Then, investigators frozen the account in the name of Lukas and related parties, which contained money amounting to Rp81.8 billion and 31,559 Singapore dollars.

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