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PVCC cautions unauthorised kava sellers

The Port Vila City Council (PVCC) is
 cautioning Kava bar owners that they cannot sell kava juice by the roadside or at home.

The Council said selling kava juice in plastic bottles by the roadside or from buckets on the roadside, and selling kava juice in plastic bottles at home is prohibited.

PVCC noted it has come to their attention that many kava vendors are operating without approval, so their enforcement team will be going around to check all kava bar premises.

In a statement issued by the Council, they remind all businesses related to kava that they must operate inside a certified kava bar. The Kava Bar must be approved by the PVCC. The owner must have a certificate showing they can run the bar on a suitable property. The Kava Bar is kept clean and tidy, with good lighting.

They have bins or other ways to dispose of rubbish. Each kava window and the toilet area have sinks and running water. The Kava Bar has toilets, one for men and one for women, or at least one toilet. They are clean and have toilet paper and soap. There are enough seats and benches for customers, and each kava vendor has enough kava shells.

The Kava Bar must have food stalls built correctly. The VT20 food vendors must have safety certificates and kava vendors must be kept clean. There must designated areas for spitting with sinks and running water. Waste pipes are connected properly. Hand washing facilities are at the main entrance, connected to proper waste systems.

Anyone caught not complying with the PVCC requirements will be requested to stop their kava sales.

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