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Almighty God, Loving God, Free West Papua

Almighty God, 
Our Redeemer and Saviour of the world, Our Creator and Source of Life, Love and Peace;
We come before you on this special day as we witness another year of commemoration day for the people of West Papua. 

Loving God, 
as we gather here, miles away from our brothers and sisters in the islands of Papua and in particular, West Papua, we confess the sins of humankind, the greed, the violence, the victimization, the power hunger, throughout history. 
As humans, it is difficult for us to forgive those who cause hurt, pain and suffering. But as your children, we humbly ask Your forgiveness upon us all – humankind; for perpetrators of violence and inhumane acts, for perpetrators of prejudice and injustice. 
We also ask Your forgiveness upon each one of us who may not feel directly affected by the situation, but continue to be arrogant, blind and deaf to the injustices in our Pasefika region. Lord have mercy on us, your children. 

Loving God,
as we commemorate this day, with all the history and pain it has brought about, for some it may be a day to remember victory, while to many, a day of pain.
We can only give You thanks and praise for all Your blessings and for helping your people through all the challenges, trials and tribulations they have faced over the years and continue to face today as they strive for self determination.
We give you thanks for those gone before us. 
We give you thanks for the many rich natural resources that West Papua has to offer. And we give you thanks for the people who continue to be resilient, strong and courageous in all they endure. 
We give You thanks for those today who continue to be the prophetic voice in your lands. We give you thanks for the work of the Pacific Conference of Churches, the Pacific Network on Globalization, and many others, known and unknown to us, who through their acts of service, continues to be a pillar of hope to our people of West Papua. 

Loving God, 
You are familiar with suffering and the pain of your children doesn't escape your gaze of compassion.
We ask for you to set people free in West Papua. We pray for the ones who have been oppressed and in fear for so long. We pray for those in power, who are giving the orders for violence out of greed or fear of scarcity, or prejudice.

May your kingdom of justice, peace, joy and forgiveness transform the situation. Bring courage and peace to those in the independence movement. Please bring your healing and your making things right and new.
We make this our humble prayer which we ask and plead in the name of God the Father, Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

[Prayer for The West Papua Annexation Day]

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