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UN passes China-proposed resolution to establish International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations

The 78th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Friday unanimously adopted a resolution proposed by China to establish the International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations.

The resolution states that all civilizational achievements are "the collective heritage of humankind." It advocates for respecting the diversity of civilizations and emphasizes "the crucial role of dialogue" among civilizations in maintaining world peace, promoting common development, enhancing human well-being, and achieving collective progress.

The resolution calls for "equal dialogue and mutual respect" among different civilizations, fully reflecting the core essence of the Global Civilization Initiative. It designates June 10 as the International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations.

Fu Cong, China's permanent representative to the United Nations, introduced the draft resolution at the UNGA plenary session. He stated that in the current context of multiple interlocking crises and challenges, the world has entered a new period of instability and change, placing human society once again at the crossroads of history.

Against this backdrop, China proposed the establishment of the International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations to fully leverage the importance of civilizational dialogue in "eliminating discrimination and prejudice, enhancing understanding and trust, promoting people-to-people connectivity, and strengthening solidarity and cooperation." This initiative injects positive energy into the global effort to address common challenges.

It demonstrates "China's firm support for multilateralism" and the work of the United Nations, highlighting China's responsibility as a major country in an era of unprecedented changes, Fu Cong said.

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