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August 2nd 1969 – August 2nd 2019

*** 50 Years since the Act of free Choice ***

“it was just a whitewash. The mood at the United Nations was to get rid of this problem as quickly as possible, Nobody gave a thought to the fact that there were a million people there who had their fundamental human rights trampled. Suharto was a terrible dictator. How could anyone have seriously believed that all voters unanimously decided to join his regime? Unanimity like that is unknown in democracies.”

– Chakravarthy Narasimhan, the U.N. undersecretary general who handled the Act of free choice.

Indonesia claims sovereignty over West Papua with the 1969 Act of free choice. It has since been widely accepted that Indonesia’s claim to rule West Papua is based on fraud and lies and that the Act of free Choice was illegal under international law.

For a full legal analysis of the Act of free choice please read this report.…/West_Papua_and_the_right_to_self-det…

West Papua has a legal right to self determination, decolonisation and independence if the people freely and fairly choose it.

An internationally supervised referendum on independence is the peaceful and dignified solution for West Papua.


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