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Take Back PNG, Give back West Papua, Richest black Christian nation

By all means, not possible unless West Papua is self governance.

Economic prosperity in PNG is not determined by happens in Australia and New Zealand but by what happens in the ASEAN.

Australia cannot be relied on if PNG intends to become the richest black christian nation in the region, let alone the world because it has made itself become a multi cultural country and its economy thrives on multiculturism, and for Australia to support a one race, one religion, richest country in the world immediately automates thick unseen wall of offensive unspoken rejection by Australia, and all those countries that propogate and practise multiculturism.

Same for New Zealand but or both countries put together.

Therefore in order for PNG to become the richest black Christian nation, PNG must by all purpose and intent under the Prime Ministership of Hon, James Marape, the very person who personified the idealic dream…ensure West Papua is free to self governance.

Prime Minister must ensure a Melanesian country exist on the same thing piece of the Melanesian island, of a thousand tribes and lunguage, customs, rituals, chants, songs and dance from Sorong to Samarai is healthy living ornament.

Only then will be PNG have a realistic hope of being the richest black Christian nation in the world. Self Governance of West Papua is the bridge between Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Phillipines etc…

Yet another white elephant so to speak is the Chinese influence in PNG through the world provision of its money lending.

Indonesia is concern.

China is still upset with Indonesia of the massacre of Chinese people in Makassar, Medan and the island of Lombok. Chinese traders traders of Islam religion have coming to Indonesia from 1400 BC onwards, and their presence on these Javanese resulted in these killings.

Suffice to suggest there is long standing dislike.

China dont like Indonesia per say, and to the extent that feeling is mutual, so Chinese friendship with PNG by virtue of the Exim Banks loan does not sit well with Indonesia, because if PNG asks the Chinese to flex its #SoftPowerapproach in the ASEAN community for West Papua to free and self governance, in order for PNG to attain its status as the richest black Christian nation in the world.

Indonesia prefers it is the one that provides economic reprieve to PNG, but PNG asked China instead.

Prime Minister James Marape will fail to attain his dream of making PNG the richest black nation in the the world if West Papua is not self govern.


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