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Mugabe: When your salary comes in time,

When your salary comes in time, you eat chicken. As the salary reduces you eat products of chicken (eggs) and subsequently, you begin to eat 🐔 chicken's food like maize and Millet.
Finally when salary is finish, you become chicken itself. Spending your time walking around just looking for what to eat.
 Your salary is a seed that needs to be planted. It's important you take part of it and invest.
Salary alone cannot solve all your money problems. Create a plan B now. A Wise investment will provide opportunities for one to always eat chicken whenever he or she pleases!
 Think INVESTMENT_ because you won't be young for ever.!
  Think INSURANCE_ because you won't be strong forever! 
  Think ENTREPRENEURSHIP _ because you won't be employed forever.
   Have a wonderful Sunday, God bless you all 🙏🙏🙏

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