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π”π‹πŒπ–π ππ‘πŽπ•πˆπ’πˆπŽππ€π‹ π†πŽπ•π„π‘ππŒπ„ππ“ πŽπ… 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π’π€πˆπ‘π„π‘πˆ π‘π„π†πˆπŽπ — ULMWP Wilayah Saireri

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 (4pm-West Papua time). The ULMWP Provisional Government in Saireri region officially formed a committee for fundraising as an expression of support and solidarity with their Melanesian sibling (Vanuatu) in need.   

West Papua Solidarity for Victims of Natural Disasters in Vanuatu was officially formed on Wed 22, 2023. The purpose of forming this committee is to accommodate and raise funds for victims of the Vanuatu Natural Disaster.

The composition of the committee names are as follows:

1. Pietkael Hiowati, Committee Chair
2. Heri Mora, Secretary
3. Mrs. Marcelina Ayomi, Treasurer
With all members of the ULMWP Provisional Administration at the districts and villages.

All elements of the nation and people of West Papua from Sorong-Merauke, let's help our Melanesian family in Vanuatu who are currently in the process of recovering from the natural disasters they faced.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Head of the ULMWP Interim Government for the SAIRERI Region

𝐸𝐷𝐼𝑆𝑂𝑁 πΎπΈπ‘π·π‘Œ

#Vanuatu #WestPapua #Melanesia
#fundraising #HelpMelanesianFamily

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