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Robbery Case in Mount Hagen: Caught in act

March 6, 2023 - The National Main Stories


A MAN got stuck in a narrow gap, another surrendered to authorities, while three escaped following a failed robbery attempt in Mt Hagen on Thursday night, police say.

Western Highlands police commander Supt John Sagom said the man was running away from police and security guards when he got stuck in the narrow gap, from which he had to be pulled out.

“The man was (stuck) in the (small) space 30 to 40 meters deep for hours before he was rescued and brought to the police station at around 9am on Friday,” he said.

“We do not know what would have happened to him if it was raining that night given the small space he was trapped in.”

He confirmed that police and security guards responded swiftly to the robbery attempt on Thursday night. Two men – the one who got stuck in the small space and another who surrendered to police – are now in custody.

Sagom said that the possible charge to be faced by the two suspects was burglary given the nature of the incident.

Police are yet to verify information that shops in town were also broken into on the same night.

He urged the three men on the run to give themselves up to police.

Meanwhile, a group of volunteers cleaning up the city said while they were busy trying to clean up and doing something good for the city, some hooligans were spoiling their efforts by robbing businesses and people.

They appealed to all young people in the area to join hands in making Mt Hagen safe and clean for its residents and visitors.

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