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Indonesia - Democracy Back On Slippery Slope


Twenty-five years since the start of the Reform era, which had carried the hopes for democracy and stronger civil rights, the nation finds itself in a familiar position, with renewed efforts to bring back what observers fear to be the hallmarks of the autocratic New Order regime.

The potential return of the military in civilian life and no commitment to resolve past abuses, paint a grim picture of democratic backsliding.

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The US led the free world to rally behind Indonesia in 1960s.  After the fall of Soeharto in 1999, there was much optimism.

The success of Jokowi as the first non - military candidate who put away military icon Prawobo convincingly in the presidential race to become two - term president of Indonesia did not translate the options on the table to build democracy.

 Away, from Oligarchy.


It is heading back into the past. Stormy. The West, free world, had expectations, now unfinished assignment.

Oligarchy. Military.The uncertainty of tomorrow.

Archipelagic state of Republic of Indonesia? Or, 'balkanization' of the Indonesian archipelago. The time capsule. A worse - case scenario is likely based on data available. Perhaps.There are rumblings of discontent.

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