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Indonesian Leader Joko Widodo - His Visit To PNG, 6 - 8 July 2023

Let the truth on West Papua remain, a matter of peripheral diplomacy, due to lack of a distinctive Papuan nationalism. But, freedom is in the air!

PNG Prime Minister, Peter Oneill, announced at the National Leaders and Governors Summit 2015 that West Papua had a case for self - determination, and PNG political leadership was duty - bound to speak up for West Papua's right to self rule for and freedom for 'our people in there'.

There is a standard script on West Papua.

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West Papua - It Is Qualified To Be Free.

Opportunities For Resolution:

1. Federalism.

2. Autonomy or Special Autonomy.

3. Referendum.

Indonesia considered its options, and had at its disposal the means of resolving the West Papua conflict.

But, preferred to contain the demands for independence. The rule of the sword. Force. Then, after the fall of Soeharto, until Jokowi, Adam Smith's ' trickle - down' effect kicked in. 

The long struggle for freedom refused to go away. So, the dots or means were there to do the right thing. They aren’t development or military-based approaches. 

Referendum was the only way out. East Timor voted to be free. Aceh and West Papua were watching developments in East Timor. 

And as far as Jakarta is concerned, independence is out of the question. 

Here, arguments were cooked up to stop demands for independence. The data was different. According to Indonesia, West Papuan independence was a pipe dream. But, refused to test the proposition through a proper referendum.

1969 AFC was a sham.

One of the weaknesses of the independence movement was    Internal divisions among the indigenous Papuan. It was identified as a barrier, if not the main one.

But, West Papua is qualified to be independent. Referendum therefore is the only solution left.

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