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Ministerial Order Introducing New Visas Signed

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Rick Tchamako Mahe, yesterday signed a new order introducing new visa categories offering opportunities for foreign nationals wanting to do business, work, study and reside in Vanuatu.

Provisional investor visa, Business investor visa, Direct investor visa, Permanent investor visa, Short term employment visa, Employment visa, Residential leasehold owner visa, Agriculture leasehold owner visa, Commercial leasehold owner visa, Bridging visa, Religious worker visa, Development support visa, Close family visa, Social exchange visa, Retire visa, Diplomatic visa, Business multiple entry visa and Ni-Vanuatu descent visa will be launched in a few months’ time.

Each visa has its terms and conditions, including fees.

Provisional investor visa, Business investor visa, Permanent investment and Direct investor visa allow applicants to live and undertake business in Vanuatu.

Under the Provisional investor visa, a holder of the visa must not engage in any employment and is allowed to change visa status to business investor visa. A business investor visa holder may establish and conduct business activities subject to normal business requirement. A permanent investor visa holder is not allowed to change his or her visa status.

Business multiple entry visa will cater for individuals who intend to enter Vanuatu to conduct business activities.

An Employment visa allows an applicant to undertake skilled work not listed on the reservation occupation list for a period of more than five months.

A Short-term employment visa is given to people who come to do specific work for a short term period, one to four months.

To be eligible for a Residential leasehold owner visa, applicants must have a leasehold ownership of a property in Vanuatu certified by a bank operating in the country, a chartered accounting operating in Vanuatu or a registered value of VT10 million or more, and must reside in Vanuatu continuously for five years either under close family visa or investor visa or visa. Applicants must also secure a monthly income of at least VT250, 000 to VT1million maximum for each person included in the application.

Requirements for an Agriculture leasehold owner visa and Commercial leasehold owner visa are similar to a Residential leasehold owner visa.

A Bridging visa allows an applicant to remain in Vanuatu while waiting for his/her substantive visa to be processed.

A Religious worker visa enables a person to enter Vanuatu to engage in religious activity and the sponsoring organisation must be affiliated with the Vanuatu Christian Council. A security bond is a requirement if the applicant will be in the country for more than 90 days.

A Development support visa is granted to professionals nominated to work in a government and Non-Government Organisation development related field.

Close family visas allow people to move to Vanuatu with their close family members.

Social exchange visas are issued to foreigners who wish to participate in a community, education and engage in a film making or other media activity.

Retiree visa allows retirees to spend their retirement years in Vanuatu. An applicant must be at least 50 years of age and has a secure monthly income of at least VT250,000 to VT1million maximum.

Diplomatic visas are given to diplomats and their immediate family members.

A Ni-Vanuatu decent visa are given to former Vanuatu citizen or descendants of a Vanuatu citizen.

Minister Mahe put pen to paper in the presence of the Director of Immigration Jeffrey Markson and the Acting Director General (DG) of the Ministry, Leith Veremaito. He said the signing is a milestone in border management following consultations with stakeholders.

The new visas will support foreign investment, tourism and compliance activities, said the Internal Affairs Minister.

Director Markson said the Department of Immigration will begin awareness on the new visas to clients and the public following yesterday’s signing.

Markson said introducing new visas will also bring a lot of revenue.

The Department has been looking forward to the signing of the order since it started working on these new visas, he added.

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