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Opposition Files Supreme Court Case Questioning Connect PNG Program

Wednesday 25 June 2024

For Immediate Release – As the Leader of the Opposition, I have filed a Section 18 Supreme

Court Reference seeking the Court’s interpretation over certain issues with the Connect PNG

We have filed a case in the Supreme Court to review how the government is handling the funds for this program. 

As the Opposition, it is our job to make sure the government is following the laws of Papua New Guinea, especially when it comes to spending public money.

The main concern we have is whether the government has been properly allocating and using the funds for the Connect PNG Program. 

We believe that the money, which is a significant amount, has not been transferred or used according to the legal requirements. The funds in question include K257 million in 2021, K628 million in 2022, K785 million in 2023, and
K261 million in January 2024.

We want to make sure that every kina of public money is spent legally and transparently.

This is important not just for the current project but also for maintaining public trust in how the government handles finances.

Our application seeks clarity from the Supreme Court on several constitutional sections that deal with the management of public funds. These sections are essential for ensuring that the government uses public money responsibly and is held accountable.

By filing this case, we aim to protect the interests of the people of Papua New Guinea. We want to make sure that all government spending is done correctly and benefits everyone in the country.

The Opposition is committed to ensuring transparency, accountability, and proper use of
public funds. We believe that this case will help clarify how public money should be managed and ensure it is used for the right purposes.

I look forward to the case’s progression with its next hearing scheduled for July 2, 2024.

Authorised by the Leader of the Opposition, Port Moresby


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