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EXPOSED: The Opposition team through their Lawyers have filed a Special Supreme Court Application

As of yesterday, ( 10-06-2024) the Opposition team through their Lawyers have filed a Special Supreme Court Application at the Waigani Court House to have the Parliament recall to deal with the Vote of No confidence Motion which is still active..

During the Parliament sitting last week , The Speaker of Parliament and the Clerk of Parliament conspire with Prime Minister James Marape to deliberately reject the VONC motion due to technical errors as they claimed..
James Marape forcefully adjourned the Parliament to September (03-10-2024)..

As required by the constitution, The VONC is a democracy process and must be administered by the PBC & the Speaker of Parliament every 18 months time..
PM Marape and the speaker of Parliament have undermine our constitution by Hijacking the VONC and adjoun the Parliament.

After James Marape undermine the Constitution of our country and conspire with the speaker and Clerk of Parliament to reject the VONC motion on the floor of Parliament , The Opposite team have decided to take this VONC Matter to the highest Court..

Now that the VONC matter is before the Supreme Court , The Prime Minister and his Attorney General are looking for loopholes to once again delay / Prolong or have that matter thrown out of the Court also..

PNG Democracy is under attack from Warlords who doesn't have respect for our Constitution..

After Hijacking the Parliamentary Process , Now the Prime Minister is trying to hijack the court system also..

James Marape must know that not everyone is for sale.. Money can't buy everything that you need..

Politicans are for sale but not some Judges..

PNG is watching your moves


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