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Bonny Kaiyo: Kanaky Referendum No 3 - December, 2021: Freedom's Call.

In 2020, it was victory in defeat.
While pro-independence Kanak supporters rued another defeat in the second referendum on independence for New Caledonia, it was even narrower than the loss two years earlier.
Now there is a real prospect of a win in 2022.
“The path to independence and sovereignty is inevitable,” pledges the Front de Libération Nationale Kanak et Socialiste (FLNKS) – the umbrella group of the pro-independence parties – and the struggle will go on.
FLNKS is set to win the final vote.
West Papua. Almost.
PNG can see clearly, now. The rain has gone. Slowly, the obstacles fade away.

Photo caption: Decolonisation in the Pacific - vocabulary has changed; Kanaky - France offered 3 opportunities for international best practice to play out through referendum, the final chance is happening in December 2021 with FLNKS predicted to win the vote for independence; West Papua - PNG Prime Minister James Marape raised the issue of humanitarian crisis unfolding in West Papua at the 76th UN General Assembly Session; PNG foreign policy on West Papua - it is blurry, but increasingly clear since 2014 when former Prime Minister Peter O'Neill announced PNG approach to the West Papua issue was revised to give voice to the voiceless fellow Melanesians in West Papua fighting for their human rights; Opposition Leader Belden Namah - he pressed PNG Prime Minister James Marape and Peter O'Neill, his predecessor, to announce a foreign policy on West Papua including supporting demands for freedom from colonial tutelage by Indonesia; Benny Wenda - ULMWP chairman is confident MSG will grant full membership for West Papua as the only option left for the region to step up on West Papua as an international issue with a colonial context and therefore UN General Assembly resolution is on the table) 

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