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The genocide in West Papua…..

The genocide in West Papua…..much is now known, if not earlier. The question now is if human suffering could be alleviated through a greater effort by the international community. Papua New Guinea, being close cousin to West Papua alone could have prevented such horrors, and probably does not make a convincing case that even a modest effort would have had significant impact. Prime Minister, Peter Oneill, after 60 years of genocide in West Papua did it.

We are all Papuans, and tribal Melanesians. The Pacific Region remains mute, led by Australia, which has blood on its hands. Based on declassified information, private papers, and interviews, other citizenship media coverage everyday on the Papua Conflict, a lack of political will cannot be an excuse, and failure to intervene is like shaking the hands of the devil..and welcoming a problem from hell itself. West Papua is not a problem from hell...Indonesia is. Indonesia, somehow must be stopped. These two tribal Melanesians shown in the photo, depict what it means to means to be Melanesian, during a recent independence rally in Abepura, West Papua.

They will need a helping hand...from fellow 'as tangets' in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Region, and humanity. Free West Papua. Now.
The human rights abuses occuring in West Papua come complete with reports pouring in today on the situation. We see the drama which offers an uncompromising and disturbing examination of 21st century acts of genocide, but to date the international community , probably led by the U.S, has failed to cause the needed responses to them. Read on:

In the course of human history, we can revisit the Turkish genocide directed at Armenians in 1915-1916, the Holocaust, Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, Iraqi attacks on Kurdish populations, Rwanda, and Bosnian "ethnic cleansing," and in doing so, argue that U.S. intervention has been shamefully inadequate. West Papua has reached that point, and burns in the vortex of an armed conflict. Read the latest reports on the drama in Jayapura, Manokwari, and elsewhere.Jayapura: Other reports:

What is the unwritten rule that nonaction is better than action with any backlash for countries friendly to West Papua and its tribal Melanesians; We are talking about the Melanesian Spearhead Group’s and the Pacific Island Forums’s unwillingness to see a moral imperative. I see a moral imperative, and it is time now to act for West Papua. Melanesia and the Pacific Region are challenged, now more than before, to reevaluate the principles being applied to foreign policy choices. In the face of firsthand accounts of genocide, we cannot repeatedly just look on and refuse to accept the reality of genocidal campaigns carried out by Indonesia in West Papua. Australia, especially, knows full well the story of genocide occurring on its doorstep. Read on: And, the idea that Indonesia can continue to keep West Papua in the dark, with able assistance and support from Australia is a joke. It only drives the lush of freedom for West Papua to greater heights, but with the costs defined clearly in human lives decimated up till today. On this account, Australia has blood on its hands Read on: 

The emotional force of all discourses on the human rights crisis in West Papua, and the arguments for Indonesia to come clean before the international community, is carried by citizenship media or undercover jounalists with moving, sometimes almost unbearable stories of the victims and survivors of such brutality. It could be argued that West Papua and its people deserve a West Papua Declaration in order to fight against genocide in Melanesia, and the Pacific Region. There has been progress, with Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu already mounting strategies diplomatically to address the Papua Conflict. We need more effort. This will be in keeping with the prominent work by, among those who made a difference, Raphael Lemkin, a Polish Jew who invented the word genocide and who lobbied the U.N. to make genocide the subject of an international treaty, and Senator William Proxmire, who for 19 years spoke every day on the floor of the U.S. Senate to urge the U.S. to ratify the U.N. treaty inspired by Lemkin's work. Indonesia, somehow must be stopped. Something can be done to help the situation, led by the U.S.Read on: 

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