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Good morning to you on the last day of 2021

2021 will go down in our history as one of our darkest. 

I feel I owe the nation an apology. I acted in good faith to humbly resign in May 2019 thinking that the change that was asked for would be youthful and move us forward faster than my government could.

I have, like you, been bitterly disappointed in the performance of the Marape led Government over the last 31 months.

I am sorry to have not fully understood the cargo cult mentality; lack of common sense and absence of integrity that now identifies the Marape Government. I have been surprised at how fast they have managed to undo years of hard work of not just my government, but those that came before me. 

Economically we are in one heck of a mess with debt at over K51 billion and no plan to increase income except to tax our people more.

Socially, crime and violence in our capital and the regions is out of control. The law is routinely abused and manipulated for political gain.

Corruption, nepotism, and greed is worse not better and our economic, health and social unrest has made us a laughingstock in the region.

It is with deep regret that I now look back on what has transpired since May 2019. Marape has consistently shown a lack of moral courage; decisiveness and leadership.

However, with the New Year upon us it is time to look forward.

We have much to be proud of – our culture is one of the world’s most vibrant and evolving still; our country is blessed with natural resources more than adequate to meet our needs; we are gifted to have a democratic system of Government in the Commonwealth and our neighbours are peaceful. 

Our prospects could not be better. 

We saw during APEC in 2018 how the World’s largest economies responded to our potential. Opening up new ways of doing business with old and new trading partners and billions of Kina flooded in to help our country access electricity; digitize and evolve but we have failed since then to capitalise on these development opportunities.

There really is nothing to stop us reaching our potential but ourselves.

But 2021 will go down not as a year of moving forward but of rapidly going backwards. 

In a few short months the reign of this Marape led Government will pause, and you will have your chance to vote for a better future. You have my commitment to lead a team of candidates, both experienced campaigners and fresh faces, to rebuild Papua New Guinea and set forth once again to living up to our incredible potential.

We are all looking forward to a brighter 2022. I am confident it will be a year of positive change – we must fight for our children and for PNG.

Happy New Year and stay Safe

God Bless

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