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Melanesian Style va Western Style of Development

The difference .................. PNGeans feel inferior when confronted with the realities of a village boy making it big as an educated elite holding positions of power and "high set" social life and privileges of high rental accommodation etc. It all hits home when the climb to this life style changes abruptly. Reality hits home and you come home to your humble beginnings of the hamlet and the old tracks that you trod some years ago. How do we change that to bring foreigners with high living standards to our humble villages to the same life style found in the urban centres? We change our planning process. Plan for "villages to urban centres". The landowner is then empowered to change for the better. This is another way of viewing my post of 18th December, 2021. I cannot pretend, lets look at development from our own experiences. Why bring outsiders whom do not know how to be a Melenesian to plan for Melenesian ADVANCEMENT! God placed man on land and blessed him, NOT MONEY! PERIOD.

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