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PNG did not to learn from mìstake on BCL. Foreign ownership of Gold Refinery is wrong

Bougainville crises erupted due to failure by PNG government to give priority to rightful resouce owners by nature but landowners by cut and paste foreign laws.

Provicial governments and landowners were made spectators in their own land without participating in the development and benefit sharing of their own gold and copper. 

PNG government adapted a foreign law to deal with our gold and copper mining which favours the foreigners and citizens were made to suffer from the sideline.

Gold Refinery does not need a rocket scientist to develop a refinery. There was partly a state own gold refinery company known as MRO in operations, other PNGians have already been into the business. 

We commend the Marape government's vision to set up a refinery and save our gold bullion. Refinery should be owned by state in partners with nationals who are already into the refinery business. 

We already have gold refinery in PNG, the only new thing is saving gold bullion as reserve at Central Bank of PNG. 

Politicians should not be misleading PNG for their personal interest making side deals. Citizens wake up and say no to foreign ownership of Gold Refinery. We cannot sell our country cheaply to foreigners and be slaves to them in our own country.

If government is not careful in her dealings to do something with our resources and businesses with foreigners, other Provinces will follow the precedent set by Bougainville. PNG will be divided nation, creating many small nations out of PNG.

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