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Frank Makanuay: Arrested, and charged, and no bail

Am sorry for Lohia Boe Samuel. I know him personally. A few times after he became an MP, whenever he would see me in public places where we had crossed paths, he would extend the first gesture to acknowledge and greet me. He would address me as kaka, in his Motu lunguage it means older sibling, a label of respect and this resonates in my own dialect, kaka means big brother. I respected him.

What happen is a tragedy. Indeed for him and his family, and his career as a politician and a Motuan leader.
The greatest tragedy however, is that the incident has stopped Motuan people and their aspiration and intention to be represented through the office of the MP for Moresby North West. Whether this tragedy will stop the growth of this Motuan aspiration momentarily or permanently remains to be soon, but no one can deny that LBS ascension to be a national leader was excellent and that it happened at the right time.
He was beacon of hope for the MotuKoita people not only in Moresby Nort West, but also in Moresby South, in North East, where the Koitabu people have become a minority.
This is truly a tragedy.
I don't know what happened, but my young MotuKoita brother is a victim of fame, power, fortune. The people in and around him, should worked hard to help him keep his foot firmly planted on the ground, and find a better way to deal with issues of a post election win.
Truly this is a tragedy because it could have been avoided.

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