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Frank Makanuay; First time MPs

Hindsight is a beautiful thing but it's application being used by everyone making assessment on LBS shooting incident, the murder charge, and the denial of bail, firstly by Police, and later by the National Court only pinpoints to the gravity of crime itself and the discourse only brings out the horrifying tragedy on both sides, and their families, that if a simple common sense had prevail, some maturity or wisdom applied to descalate whatever tension that preoccupied the meeting, which in the end forced a Glock Pistol to be introduced into the meeting and conversation, all of this could have been avoided.

The beauty of Hindsight makes you assess this horrifyingly ugly situation.

This brings to a point I have tried to discuss on my page a few times but it never became a subject of interest by those who follow me.

First time MPs, power, fame, and fortune.

In all honesty I think, if LBS was to live his life again, I am positively sure the only thing he would change is the last few months in his life after he became an MP. I am sure as he sits in jail, in remand as he awaits the Court hearing, he is thinking and making his mind over with pangs of regret, that he should surrounded himself with mature people to guide him in his leadership role representing his Motu Koita people.

Sudden power and fame, can make a First Time MP feel invisible, untouchable, and entitled. They can easily get caught in the bubble of big men mentality, get drunk in the powerful euphoria of fame. It is easy to forget reality and where ones humble beginning began, if one is not grounded but floats with the new found power and fame, rubbing shoulders with some of the most powerful people of the country. 

Another important consideration.

The pressure of being politician in the Png context is about money. People who help a budding politician in PNG to ascend to power and hold office as an MP, expected to be paid. They will forcefully attached themselves to and some of them will genuinely help you, but it hound ne er escape you that behind it all, they want money. They will ask, and demand politely at first, and when the response is not favourable they will make threats and intimidate.

Sometimes a First Time MP who is enjoying the euphoric drunken bubble of power, fame and fortune will arrogantly ignore this and react by trying to display their own power, fame and connection, and owning a gun, holding it in your hand gives takes the fear out of you, and respect out of you, it makes feel you feel invicible, untouchable and it gives you the feeling of entitlement to power.

First Time MPs, power, fame and torture.

Throwing a cat among the pigeons, this country has been run in the last three years by First Time MPs holding senior economic portfolios in the Cabinet. We are in deep recession. You work in out.

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