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Frank Manakuay: Fuel price, The tale of reality

I feel the pinch of the fuel price hike. I don't know if you feel the effect of it too. I hope you do, so we can suffer

This morning I took K50.00 Diesel for my Ten Sitter Landcruiser. For K50.00, I recieved only 11 litres. I note the needle on the fuel gauge stop just a little short of the quarter tank. I make four trips around the back road, back and forth, each day for work and school run. I was shocked to discover that on my way home this evening the orange warning light came on. It literally means come tomorrow, I have to fork out another K50.00 for fuel, money I don't have.

It now confirms the estimate that since the diesel price went over K4.00, I will be paying K250.00 Monday to Friday, in two weeks that's a whopping K500.00...throw in another K100.00 for two weekends...its an easy K600.00... 

And now making matters worse is the road construction being done at the main Waigani intersection, presumably the most busiest road intersection in NCD. As a result there is now literally long lines of traffic jam for those of us who live in Moresby North West, doing daily runs with schools and work office in Moresby South or Norh East. We sit in traffic jams along 9 mile to Erima, Gerehu Morata route, and the tunnel near Police Headquarters in Konedobu every morning. So in essence fuel is used either by sitting idle in a traffic jam or taking the longer route around the City limits your consumption is still comparatively high.

Previously though, K50.00 used to give me close to 30 litres of diesel and it would usually take two and a half days, sometimes even three days, just doing the same usual runs before the orange warning light comes on.

Take Back Png huh? Richest black Christian nation huh?

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