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#BREAKING | Ten West Papuan Activists Arrested for Distributing Leaflets Ahead of Peaceful Protest

#BREAKING | Ten West Papuan Activists Arrested for Distributing Leaflets Ahead of Peaceful Protest 

In a recent development, Indonesian Police and the Army have arrested ten West Papuan individuals who were distributing leaflets advocating for a peaceful demonstration scheduled for tomorrow, July 12. The demonstration aimed to garner support for the West Papua's bid for full membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).
The arrests took place earlier today at approximately 12:25 local time. The Indonesian authorities took swift action, detaining the activists and escorting them to the Jayapura Resort Police station in Sentani for questioning.
The names of the ten individuals who have been arrested are as follows:
1. Elinatan Basini
2. Ganip Kobak
3. Eko Enumbi
4. Rojer Wasini
5. Nobe Dogopia
6. Eki balingga
7. Naldo Felle
8. Anius Balyo
9. Nisman Murid
10. Erry Mimin
At the time of this news report, all ten detainees remain in custody at the police station, awaiting further investigation.
The West Papuan activists were seeking to raise awareness about the push for West Papua's full membership in the MSG, an important regional organization encompassing countries such as Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Kanaky, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands. Their peaceful action aimed to highlight the aspirations of the West Papuan people and gain support for their cause.
The international community will be closely watching the unfolding events and awaiting updates on the status and welfare of the arrested individuals.

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