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Solomons' Prime Minister blasts Australia over criticism about policing deal with Beijing

On the program today:

Solomon Islands has accused Australia of interference over concerns about the country's new policing pact with China.

For 16 years Frank Bainimarama ruled Fiji but this week the former prime minister will be looking on from behind the dock as he stands trial for perverting the course of justice and abuse of office.

The iconic bilum bag is a symbol of Papua New Guinea that is recognised around the world, a new book aims to promote understanding the bag's unique design.

The Pacific will be represented at a hockey world cup with Both Fiji's men's and women's hockey5s teams, claiming bronze at the Oceania Cup qualifiers.

A dance troupe of deaf and hearing-impaired dancers from Indigenous communities in northern Australia are proving you don't have to hear the music, to feel it.

Agnes Tupou, Presenter

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