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Indonesia's Jokowi - ' Post Analysis' Of 6 July, 3 Hours in Waigani: Is West Papua Qualified To Be Free?

Jokowi - His 3 Hours,Port Moresby, PNG: Another View.

PNG pulled an incisive diplomatic stunt in which it asserted claim to sovereignty over West Papua, ' Ancestral Home' Factor, as Indonesia is wounded, licking the ulcer of 61 years. Flies, buzzing around the wound.Smelly.

A brutal colonial occupation of West Papua. 

Indonesian leader President Joko Widodo visited PNG on 6 July, for 3 hours, but the trip was significant. It was anticipated the move means to step up on the roadmap to freedom for West Papua. MSG watched. 

His proposal to offer referendum never saw the daylight. 

In the twilight hours of his reign, he did not announce referendum as one of the outcomes of the bilateral leaders summit. President Joko Widodo and Prime Minister James Marape cemented the bilateral ties between the two countries.

The ' Take - Outs':

1. PNG/ Indonesia statecraft was celebrated as taking a big step forward after signing off on the 8 outcomes.

2. But, the tussle over claim to sovereignty over West Papua also began.

3. It seems PNG made a decisive diplomatic manoeuvre to claim West Papua as part of its ancestral home. And, international intervention was only mechanical, the stunt critical. 

MSG, through Vanuatu, the life - blood of occupied West Papua, wanted Indonesia out of the Melanesian Haus Man. The enemy lurked right from inside.

Read. Here:

4. This demand for international intervention is shared by over 80 states, including the members of the Pacific Islands Forum, the Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States, and the EU Commission. 

Australia's illogic over East Timor and West Papua will be the barometer to go by.

Read. Here:

5. It may be argued, therefore, that the 8 outcomes signed off to consolidate bilateral relations that were described as ' peaked', ' new normal' in PNG/ Indonesia state craft in pursuit of their individual national interests were dislocated, and  out of order.

The intention was clear. It took 3 hours. Stop PNG endorsement of state - formation by ULMWP for West Papua to become full member of MSG. 

According to the Montevideo Convention, the  incomplete decolonization process begun by the Dutch in the 1960s did not extinguish the embryo state of Republic of West Papua.

Indonesia invaded to 'freeze' the process. Thus, 61 years of a ' frozen conflict' that translates into well - planned genocide, ecocide, and ethnocide. Today.

6. West Papua was the elephant in the room. It was there for 60,000 years. On the contrary, Indonesia intruded 61 years ago. 

7. PNG was also on the island for 60,000 years. In total 1250 indigenous Papuan tribes ruled their ancestral land from Sorong to Samarai.

8. The 8 outcomes were overshadowed by the incomplete status of West Papua and interruption of the decolonisation process over the past 61 years of occupation industry by Indonesia.

9. West Papua contributed 60 percent to the GDP of Indonesia annually. But, remained the poorest region amidst the billions injected into the Indonesian economy.

10. We thank PNG for exploiting West Papua as a foreign policy determinant which defined its national interests to be accommodated in nation - building.

11. Indonesia failed to develop West Papua over the last 61 years. The UN's pet project was to see the ' Last Bastion of the Free World' rise to consolidate Western Christian civilisation and democracy in the region.

Instead, 61 years later, the Morning Star is still in orbit around the sun, eclipsed by Indonesia's lies, yet to sign.

12. So, the transfer of wealth to PNG through Indonesian aid signed off in the 8 outcomes is on behalf of West Papua. So, the dictum:

' You scratch my back, I scratch your back'. 

' Stap wantaim yu. Gutpela taim, taim nogut'.

13. PNG and West Papua are celebrating 60,000 years of indigenous Papuan heritage. Meanwhile, Indonesia seems just a ' mosquito bite'.

 Careless, whisper.

I can see the Morning Star! Can you?

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