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Sogavare blasts Australia for raising concerns about Honiara's policing pact with China

The prime minister of Solomon Islands says China has agreed to provide funding to prop up the country's troubled budget, and also accused Australia and development partners of suddenly withdrawing financial support worth millions of dollars.

Manasseh Sogavare has once again taken aim at Australia and the United States for criticising his country's policing pact with China, and has declared that "nothing" can stop him asking from Beijing to send police to help if disorder breaks out again in Solomon Islands and other countries are slow to respond.

And he has also mused about the possibility of Solomon Islands setting up its own military forces, saying he discussed the idea with Richard Marles during the deputy prime minister's recent visit to the Pacific Island country.

The prime minister revealed Beijing had offered to provide budget support during an explosive press conference at Honiara's airport on return from a week-long trip to China.

Chrisnrita Aumanu-Leong, Reporter

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