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A Member of PNG Parliament is involved with external hackers and BSP staff to defraud Bank South Pacific

Before the Bank of South Pacific crashes, it is our responsibility to pre warn the bank and its shareholders and customers. When this report goes public this syndicate has the capability to shut the bank down to forever conceal its operations, be warned.

Crime Reporting
Every time the Prime Minister tells the public to report crime to appropriate authorities, the public is reluctant because, from experience, when crime is reported silently, officers of these state institutions turn to collaborate with the criminals, get paid to suppress the complaint, they in turn arrest and intimidate complainants, in case the Prime Minister and Internal Security Minister don’t know, this is always been the case, hence, very few crime are being reported because of crooked law and justice sector officers,  this particular crime is so big that it cannot be reported silently, it is reported here in public so appropriate authorities will need to take note in public and make public announcements to commit their organizations to investigate the crime so nothing is hidden, when they start then  we will supply the full evidences for this case.

Constitutional Office Holders Take Note

So to Prime Minister, Treasurer, Chairman Bank of Papua New Guinea, FASU, Chairman Bank South Pacific, Chief Executive Officer Bank South Pacific, Minister Internal Security, Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner Police, Assistant Commissioner Police-Crime, Police Fraud Office, CIDs, NCIU, Officer In-charge Cyber Crime, Australian Federal Police,  National Intelligence Organization, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Ombudsman Commission, Commander Defense Force, Securities Commission, Port Moresby Stock Exchange, Members of Parliament, etc. please take note and start your own investigations. Too many Constitutional Offices and too many Office Holders without teeth to bite, you all don’t seem to have a clue on what’s going on, it’s a waste of tax payers money keeping you all on payroll.

This is by far the biggest systems robbery taking place under our nose, yet we have no clue what’s going on.

How can you all be so blind and naïve, you don’t hear a pin drop. The country’s financial systems, the only bank that runs government money system and the IFMS system that manages these accounts is being hacked continuously by a group of known syndicate led by a Member of Parliament and yet no one has raised any concern whatsoever. Its mind boggling! Where is our intelligence apparatus? Where is NIO Where is Terence Frawley? Where is the intelligence apparatus of the various constitutional offices? The hacking and tempering of our main financial system are Acts of Treason, likened to intrusion by outside forces in the highest order against a sovereign nation, that it requires the attention of not the Police but the Military. These persons should be arrested and thrown into jail, denied their human rights, as they have done acts against the state. 

The Syndicate

The first time Member of Parliament Hon James Nomane, Member for Chuave, Chimbu Province, is the team leader of this hacking syndicate. The very ambitious young MP has done the “unHonourable act”, he is the financier and team leader of the syndicate that is defrauding BSP. He knows too well what he is doing, he is part of the extended NIO apparatus, He started stealing from the system, two months after he got elected in August 2022 and appointed Vice Minister Planning, that appointment puts him in close contact with the Vice Team and people like Mark Paivu, that’s when it all started. His partners are hacker Jomesh Joseph, a Southeast Asian national that works at Datec, and there are several other part time hackers that work in the background from time to time, Mark Paivu (ENB) is the IFMS Systems Administrator at Dept of Finance, and Mike Hallinan (Aussie) is the Group Chief Risk Officer at BSP. Mike has a host of Support staff in BSP that he supervises who are part of the syndicate. Three of the IT staff known are Peter Sipa (Chimbu) resigned four weeks ago, Sam Kenny (NIPS), resigned 8 weeks ago, and Robert Kumo (Chimbu), who is about to resign. The BSP middle management knows about this, CFO, COO and Chief of IT, they are all part of this syndicate. Text Message evidence of their communication tie them into the syndicate, they are aware of what’s going on, they play a passive ignorant role, yet they facilitate in the background. Mike Hallinan – Chief of Risk, knows it all to the bone, but he suppresses the information going up to BSP CEO, he ‘deRisks’ it all, he tells CEO that it’s a Glitch, CEO tells BSP Board, it’s a Glitch, BSP Board Chairman tells BPNG Chairman, it’s a Glitch, BPNG Chairman unknowingly assures PM that it’s just a minor Glitch. Whilst BPNG and FASU remain confused! PM informs NEC that’s it’s just a Glitch and nothing to worry about, and the same sentiment is echoed to the illiterate BSP shareholders and customers. Even when John Kaupa asked the question in parliament, everybody thought it’s still a Glitch. Poor us, the syndicate confused us to think that it’s a glitch. We think that Glitch sounds too technical and only tech support can deal with it. ‘We have no idea that a glitch can change our world forever.’ 

Their Modus Operandi

Mark Paivu tells James Nomane the details of the many Government Trust accounts are where and lying idle. The trust accounts used to be parked at BPNG and were safe and secured there until they were moved in 2018/2019 to BSP by the operation of the Accounts Consolidation Act. Former Chief Sec knows how and why these accounts were moved.  It seems the Government has surplus money in Trust Accounts but do not really know how many Trust Accounts are there, and who signs on these accounts, while they are parked in BSP and loosely guarded, they become the target of this hacking group.

James in turn alerts the hacker Jomesh to get ready to move money out of these accounts remotely by hacking and issuing the commands once BSP system is Shut Down due to “maintenance” and the pathway is cleared.

Like all criminal operations, they create smokescreen, to divert attention elsewhere, when attention is diverted somewhere else, they move money behind the scenes. Their smokescreen operation is that the  hacker sends in computer instructions that does double withdrawals or double deposits, or random withdrawals and deposits across the entire system, that creates a lot of confusion so both the unknowing customer  and unknowing BSP staff spend their days trying to figure these system mishaps out, and try their very best to restore the credibility of the system, we have witnessed over the last 3 months what’s has been happening. It has tarnished the good name and standing of the bank, what has been designed by the syndicate to happen, is about to break this business and BSP shareholders are watching helplessly as the customer migration out of BSP continues and is happening right under their noses. While customers and bank staff are engaged to rectify the faults, it creates a perfect opportunity for the syndicate to move money.

Peter Sipa, Robert Kumo and the Chief of IT of BSP collaborate with James Nomane to issue weekly maintenance notices to shut down the system, since Easter Weekend, recently, the notices were numerous, so many and for weekend after weekend that the public think it’s normal when systems are shut down for maintenance, but it’s not normal, it’s part of their intricate plan, that’s when big money are being moved from account to account. 

Money are moved by the hacker from Government Trust Accounts or some other big accounts  to these 3 accounts, 1. Kube Technologies Ltd, 2. Kube Transport Ltd, 3. Prodigy Ltd, all these 3 accounts are owned by James Nomane, FASU and BSP please take note, these accounts are treated like VIP accounts, they are not visible to the BSP Teller or any BSP Staff for that matter, when a teller checks these accounts, the systems says the account does not exist,  in fact they are blacked out by BSP IT, when money is moved into these accounts, they are blacked out to prevent inquiry by system or by BSP IT Audit, even BSP Systems IT and Audit IT cannot access these accounts, as it is beyond their access levels, these user access levels are only issued by Chief of IT, and when Audit IT try to access the accounts several times, the systems automatically logs them out, such is the protection the Chief of BSP IT gives to this criminal accounts, so no one not even BSP IT can see the content of these accounts. Once this news is public, it will cause uproar in BSP. Some people will drop dead or will run for their lives. The Chief of BSP IT does it smoothly because Mike Hallinan - Chief of Risk - gives him that comfort to do his job without hesitation because he got his back covered.

God help this nation. When this is happening, what is safe?

When the grand thief Hon James Nomane is given the highest level of protection EVER GIVEN TO ANY Account Holder from BSP IT, he uses BSP Internet Banking and transfers money out to Australia and his other bank accounts overseas. How much has he transferred out so far via internet banking? No one knows. His transaction record and details need to be established with banks overseas. FASU, you have dirt on your hand if you cannot see this.

When James Nomane fronts up to Prime Banking in Harbor City to withdraw the fraudulent money that is already moved and resides in the 3 accounts, he is hosted by Nelson Kerowa, Manager of Prime Banking, who is part of this syndicate. Nelson expects him and he takes charge from there onwards. Nelson makes coffee for the criminal coffee, and the smooth criminal sips coffee and waits in the lounge to be served, whilst waiting, the BSP IT Chief is alerted and he uplifts the blackout of the account to make it visible, once that is done, Mr. Kerowa calls the teller to withdraw the million kina and bring it to James. Prime banking privilege! The Teller can now withdraw money because the account veil is lifted, and the account is now visible. The teller thinks the account owner is a filthy rich man because the teller can see the big account balance.  After the withdrawal, the Chief of IT is alerted and the account is blacked out again, so no one can see its activities or have access to its history, etc. Money is safely taken out of the bank and James Nomane distributes the funds to all parties connected to his fraudulent operations in the comfort of their homes. 

This is their modus operandi, how much money is taken out, no one knows, we must dig deeper to find out. How much money the hacker moves to his own private account, no one knows, we must find out. 

Ever since this defrauding operation started, BSP IT and SYSTEMS AUDIT and other BSP personal have raised concerns on serious breaches and irregularities to management to their respective sectional bosses, but these requests are downplayed and or sat on. The people in charge are part of the syndicate. At the very top, Mikes Hallinan sits next to the CEO, gives comfort to all syndicate staff, he downplays all queries and presents a falsified systems report to BSP CEO. BSP CEO, wake up, this is happening under your watch.

It’s a shame, BSP does not need to be listed on Sydney Stock Exchange, it seriously needs to be delisted, these ongoing fraudulent activities will delist it, private shareholders and Government shareholders be warned.

Any threats of exposure or reporting to police, James Nomane uses Lazarus, CID at Hohola Police station and Mikes of Police HQ, to suppress any people trying to report him and his team. So, he has got this all covered, including law enforcement. He even has several members of SSD Police from McGregor running around full time with him, he is not a Minister, he is not entitled to SSD close protection but money talks, so he gets close protection, why is Police protecting and escorting a criminal?

Recent Arrests by NCIU

The recent arrest of two individuals by NCIU in Mt Hagen is a serious diversion created to divert attention, police don’t need to play games, it’s a shame to know that some bad elements of the police are well and truly compromised, are there any good police prosecutors and CID left? Are there any God-fearing Policemen left? Why play around with the tadpole feeding on algae, when the whales are feasting in front of you. Police Minister, this is a serious case, and it warrants your personal attention, your policemen are partnering with the syndicate, they are trying to paint a picture to the public that they have arrested the culprits, Minister, it’s a shame for this to happen under your watch.

Is your Bank Account safe these days?
All you big companies, RH, SDP, Kumul Petroleum, Mineral Resource, Nambawan Super, and Government Depts, Treasury, Planning, Finance, your money is not safe, if you think that your money is safe, think again, it is not safe, if Trust Accounts are not safe, how can your billions be safe. Don’t read this and sit idle, rise and take stock of your money, secure our frail money systems before they are crippled, together we must act now before it’s too late. We must be united in our approach to flush out these rogue elements who are defrauding out state coffers. 

Police Minister and Police Commissioner, what are you waiting for?, think about the poor Papua New Guinean who walks days and miles to enquire about his K40 gone missing, not even a million kina, just K40 or the extra K200 paid into his account, and he unknowingly uses and now he is indebted to the bank, the syndicate had created this chaos to confuse us poor people whilst they steal big. CoP, use the powers vested in you to arrest these culprits.

Loose Tongue Sink Ships
The ambitious young MP, when he last let loose his tongue whilst in Chuave recently, told his supporters that he is a Prime Ministerial candidate in the upcoming VoNC, he went on to say if Marape will pay each Member of Parliament K2 Million to secure his power, James Nomane  will pay each MP K5 Million and outdo Marape, so if James Nomane  needs 60 MPs to support his quest to be PM, James Nomane  will have to have  at least K300 million in his account, if he needs to buy out 100 MPs K5 Million each he will have at least K500 million in his account, his accounts are blacked out with VIP treatment and money transferred out via internet banking, how will we know, James Nomane must have stolen the required amount already. How did he acquire all these monies in the last 6 months that qualify him to make this statement? That statement alone gives us an indication of the level and target of stealing going on at BSP. 

When James Nomane went to his Election Petition Court hearing in Kundiawa two months ago, he had a fleet of 40 land cruisers following him from Goroka into Kundiawa, is this a sign of power, a sign of intimidation or a sign of his fraudulent activities?

This young MP needs to be arrested and referred to Ombudsman Commission, decommissioned, prosecuted and jailed, pronto. This MP James Nomane, is a smooth talker, talks to many painting a false picture that is he is good person, if he has spoken to you and you don’t really know him but hold him in high esteem, now you know that he is NOT, he is a smooth criminal in 3 piece suit, he is on to something big, this is the single biggest robbery in this country.


Recently about 3 weeks ago, James Nomane has opened the same bank accounts in Kina Bank. Kina Bank management please check three accounts - 1. Kube Technologies Ltd, 2. Kube Transport Ltd, 3. Prodigy Ltd, all these 3 accounts are owned by James Nomane, He is trying to migrate his thievery from BSP to your good bank, he might use his hacker to create the same glitch like he did at BSP that is causing a lot of problems, James Nomane transfers Money to Kina Bank by TT approved and signed by his syndicate at BSP, he also moves money by Internet Banking made possible by BSP IT Chief, He walks into Kina Bank Prime Banking, Kina Bank withdraws the money thinking this person is filthy rich, NO, he is a smooth criminal. Kina Bank, I hope your IT does not give his account the same VIP treatment.

Take Stock of Trust Accounts

PM, you need an audit report on ALL GOVT TRUST Accounts, Mark Paivu needs to be arrested and jailed like yesterday. NIO Director Terence Frawley knows about his fraudulent activities, get rid of him like yesterday, NIO even knows that this young man is a life member of Liverpool Football Club and attend soccer games in London regularly, and even has a house in Scotland, have they told you PM about this? If not, why not/ Why protect Mark Paivu? Or are they on Marks payroll.  PM, Mark Paivu needs to be behind bars, PM, you must demand an audit on all govt trust accounts done and Mark must account for every toea that has gone missing under his watch as IFMS manager.

PM Must Give Orders

PM, please issue orders to have all these people arrested. Once you have all of them arrested, we will supply all the information, their text messages, their underground activities, many BSP staff want to testify but cannot be able to speak due to being suppressed by Mike Hallinan and team,  once this information is public, some syndicate members will drop dead in their tracks, others will flee, put a stop at the airport,  watch for James , Mikes and Jomesh, they will flee, others will quit their jobs, see which law enforcement unit comes out public quickly to make a statement saying this report is false. Come on PM, don’t loose the grip you have of this country, tighten up and show that you are in control, if you cannot do anything, it means that you do not have control over this country anymore. Period! Use the powers vested in you and arrest all of them, once and for all.

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  1. This is very brave, with truly helpful revelations that any God-fearing leaders will respond to. Our leaders supposed to be church going leaders, but are they God-fearing leaders?

    PM James Marape, please do your best. Serve God's children, not Mammon.