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Your permanent gardens in the city are SNS, BRIAN BELL, BISMILA, DESHBESH and RH in the Capital City of Papua New Guinea. 

Now that all of the above are destroyed and burnt to ashes, get prepared to face the toughest days ahead when it comes to put food on the table for your families throughout the city. 

Few remaining stores will triple their food prices and other essential items for both their supermarkets and wholesales in the next two weeks time which Port Moresby will be another zombie land.

During that period, opportunitists and streets vendors will increase 10x more and also law & Order will fall out of hand which will be totally uncontrollable. 

Below are some advice which might be handy for you guys.

1.Weather if you are a working class or a street vendor, start buying food now and store them in your house in the next three days coz a 20KG rice bag will cost 200PGK plus next week and beyond.

2. At list do a shopping for two/three months supply before the price increases starting Monday week. 

3. If you are living in a private property or own a SME, you need to increase your man power to avoid opportunitists from looting. 

4. If you are a female and drive a car, always keep your car occupied with your husband or your brother or any male colleague to company you.

5. Keep your eyes focused on your kids and don't let them move around freely alone.This time kidnapping will also increase far more worse then before.

This is Marape and his Finance Department's taxation war and not our war but expect the worse to come starting next week. 

Marape's maiden speech on the eve of wining the Prime Minister's seat has cursed Papua New Guinea and we the innocent people of this little Island are paying the price and we will pay more in the coming months and its real. 

To my family and friends living in Port Moresby, your survival of the fittest starts now not next week.


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