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Kerenga Kua Resigns As Minister For Energy, Fueling Speculation Of Vote Of No Confidence

Port Moresby, 26/1/2024 - In a dramatic turn of events, Hon Kerenga Kua MP announced his resignation as Minister for Energy during an official press conference held at Dream Inn, Port Moresby. The press conference, attended by numerous media representatives, featured a notable statement from Sir Dr Puka Temu MP: "Never Change a tap that’s not leaking." The cryptic remark from Sir Dr Puka Temu added an air of intrigue to the unfolding situation.

Hon Kua, in his letter addressed to Prime Minister Marape, outlined his reasons for stepping down from his ministerial position. Describing it as an act to "take the fall for our people," Hon Kua emphasized his commitment to serving the interests of the citizens. The resignation comes as a surprise and raises questions about the internal dynamics of the Marape-Rosso Government.

As the dust settles from Hon Kua's resignation, political observers are now closely watching the developments leading up to a Vote of No Confidence (VONC). The game is set to commence on 9/2/2024, adding an element of uncertainty to the political landscape. With speculations and tensions rising, the nation waits eagerly to see how the events will unfold in the coming weeks, as the government faces a potential shakeup.
Source: PNG Facts

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