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West Sepik Province Governor set the Best Example: Feel Ashamed, Take Responsibility, and Step Down from Office

BY Yikwanak Kole

⁹Great man gives great examples, greedy fearful leaders always blame others, never introspect into what they have done contributing to the things evolving in life. 

When reading Post courier news today regarding the Governor of West Papua, my spirit tells me something that I have to express here.

Leadership main tasks is to lead those we lead towards the right path. On the other side, when those we lead are rioting and looting in our capital city. Does it mean we leaders are the good ones and those public servants and citizens are rebels and bad?

When we leaders lead, we should be aware that we "are" the leaders in all things happening in our country 

Now the question arises, "Why leaders tend to blame others?" Such as Police Commissioner, Army Commander, Minister of Finance and others?

I know that leaders with greed and fear, again, leaders who have greed that makes them fearful of others taking over their ambitions, positions, resources, power will respond to this happening in this life with two approaches
1. The first approach is to blame the problem as a small technical issue that can be fixed soon, so reacting in a way that happened is illegal, unlawful and punishable 
2. The second approach is finding out or if nothing or  nobody there weak enough to blame, then they will create their scapegoat to put the blame on them. They will act as if they are not wrong, but those subsidiaries and weak persons are.
What has the Governor of West Sepik set the best model for unshameful and greedy leaders in Melanesia.

I salute Governor for this step. I suspect no other Governor who stay close to or in Port Moresby will do the same. They are fearful and if not they are greedy so they will not sacrifice the great power and positions just for one day rioting and looting.

This has set the best example for all Melanesian leaders to have the ethic of "shame" and "guilt" into our lives and leadership at least say "very sorry" to peoples who voted us and companies who contributed big money to welfare of the workers and taxes to the country.

Papa God, mi pray in the name of Jesus Christ you bless this Governor from Sandaun. Thank you for Holly Spirit that gave him bravery to speak the truth and take clear actions as a leader.

Papa God, Papua New Guinea and Melanesia need such a leader. Make him a great leader, as he will become great man in Melanesia, to free us from poverty. 

In Jesus name. AMEN

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