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In 1975 when PNG got independence our population was 2.5million. West Papuans were around 1.5million people. Today 48 years later we are almost 17million according to UN or 12million in our estimates. West Papuan Melanesian population remains below 3million. Over the course of 60 years since they illegally invaded in 1962 Indonesia has systematically wiped out the Melanesian people, directly and indirectly. Silent genocide. 

Number of West Papuans professionals, senior public servants, businessmen and women etc are lowest in whole of Indonesia. We have trained more West Papuans to be Lawyers, pilots, doctors, accountants etc than whole of Indonesia in 60 years. If we allow ourselves to become numb or indifferent to injustice right before our door steps  we will allow it to happen to us too. If we close our eyes, ears and dare not speak against  Killings and Violence right before our eyes too we will become numb and indifferent to it too when it happens to us. 

We have made a big statement against the views of the majority of the World to recognise Jerusalem as Capital of Israel. Why can’t we have the courage to make similar or some more significant statement about the plight of our people on our ancestral land

As we start the year too I want to remind you of a great Papuan artist, Mecu Imbiri. Aged now but his voice and song is timeless and ever powerful rally for Papuan Freedom. Let their songs be heard so they are not forgotten. Through the songs it’s tells their plight, pain, horrors and cry for help and most of all for freedom.  We need to escalate the voices of freedom at all levels and platforms in 2024!

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